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Sherpa: Nothing heavy enough

 Apa Sherpa/Most number of times to reach Everest summitt (21 times)/Most number of summits in consecutive years
Babu Chiri Sherpa/Longest stay on the summit (21 hrs)

Taking ownership

When try to replace/rename the non working .dll file or similar file in Windows/System32, it says "You require permission to perform this action.".  Whose permission that I never knew :/

Exposing histograms

Histogram is the graphical representation of data showing the exposure (quantity of light reaching film) of a photo. Or simply said, it depicts the brightness level of a photograph.

A histogram is a simple representation of the tonal range of the picture. It provides us with the information about under or over exposure of a picture.
Where can I see it?
► It can be related only to digital photographs. And can be seen on the camera screen or can be seen using software like Photoshop.