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Finally I know who Albert Einstein is ☻

Oh! Yes I know Albert Einstein☺

Finally, today after my constant research and curiosity, I know who is this Albert Einstein. First I heard his name from mouth of my science teacher in school. Then I thought that he must be some kind of scientist.Isn’t that funny. Keeping jokes aside, now I know he is singer, so I am proud of that. Now I am fan of Albert Einstein- I have joined 9 pages and 13 groups in Facebook related to Einstein,though I hide their updates form news feed.I have tendency to keep updates only form cute girls and actresses in my news feed.
Einstein must have been a very famous person. I figured this out as I have frequently seen his photo everywhere- library, walls of school and colleges, cover of books and even in room of some people- from my early childhood. I frequently saw that photo of Albert Einstein in my principal’s office where I was a frequent visitor. I used to pass more of my time in cozy sofa at Principal’s room than at boring class.Later as I was growing I used to think he was some famous poet,but I have very sharp observation, and after I don’t see any poem below his picture in many photos which I examined I was pretty sure he was not a poet.

However,I never mistake him as sportsman as I never miss any programme in ESPN and other sports channel.You may think I’m stupid type person,you are wrong, I also watch National Geographic-mainly when my parents are around or have some visitor in my home, so that I can impress them.

I just remembered -once during my school days our class was given assignment to write something on Einstein and his work. We would be awarded some marks in our final exam for that.I am very lazy at doing assignments; but not that lazy to put my name at last when it is done, so even that time I could not be acquainted with Einstein. So after my friend finished whole thing I put my sign with half eye closed as I was taking my nap, while that friend was working on that project.But next day we have to give speech and defend our project in front of bunch of teachers and crowd of students. So I was prepared for that, I shined my shoe and ironed my clothes-generally don’t do that things that often.I am very good at making speech and presentation, except I tremble a little bit (just podium shakes a little, that’s all) and yea, people say I sometime go blank; but they don’t know actually I’m composing music in my head. I get great ideas when I give speech and presentation.So that day my friend gave the presentation we made (as I had my name at cover page),but that day too I could not follow him and know who this Einstein was. I was more busy looking at that beautiful girl sitting in front of my row. Man she was pretty, wish I could hook up with her today.

Then after, I directly went to home and Googled A-l-b-e-r-t E-i-n-s-t-e-i-n and got about 11,500,000 results. I was just going to click on one of the link then I heard a pop sound..That was sound coming from my headphone which was again coming from facebook chat.Then I moved my mouse and instantly closed the google site and jumped to facebook and chatted with my friend about his girlfriend who had other 3 boyfriends and how she effectively managed her time for all of them.And we also talked about the dress she used to wear, we have to identify the patch of fabric in her entire body to label it as cloth.
Sorry I got detoured,Ok ..I was saying about Einstein......
When I was child one of my uncle who was Physicist told me about Albert Einstein-at that time it seemed I was paying attention to him;but I was actually sleeping with my eyes open.This is a very good technique-I call it as Eyes wide shut technique of sleeping -I even use it today –when there is boring lecture or my mother scolds me for returning home late.

Time was passing by, suddenly one day I saw his photo with violin followed by another photo in which he protruded his tongue out-then bulb in my head shined.And I said to myself-he must be a singer and that must be his signature gestures,like some singers raise their hand or show their finger to audience. I am a curious person,so I hurried to computer lab at my school and waited for nearly 3 hours to get access to computer as there were too many students ahead of me who had booked those computers for their use.Finally, I got my chance.This time I though of You-tubing his song.But later I realized I didn’t knew any of his song and even name of the band he is associated with. Once again I could not know him properly.

Next day I was at book store.You may have mistaken-I was not there to buy any book –I had gone there to check new magazines with semi nude girls. Whatever, may be the case, by chance I saw photo of Albert Einstein in one book. I could have bought that book that day; but that book was too bulky and it was costly too.Its cost was nearly same as cost of 10 magazines(with half nude girls). So I decided to just skim the book and not to buy it. Then I was so happy I found the name of his band, it was Theory of relativity…I could understand –‘Theory’ and ‘of’- but I had no idea what ‘relativity’ meant..Yeah, I know every music band want to make their name unique and complicated so it is always hard to spell and understand their name ..Maybe it was not English, just leave this. Even today I don’t know that thing precisely.

After that I always wanted to know his nationality.When I saw any article about him I would try to find name of countries in it, so that I know his country.And in every article there were different name of countries-Germany,USA,Switzerland,Sweden- so I gave up the idea of finding his nationality.I should have better read the whole article;but that would take my busy and precious time of watching football and wrestling matches on T.V.

After I knew Albert Einstein was singer I had to find his genre. So I again used my acute sense of observation.I examined his photos and in every photo he had white hair.So I get it- he is from heavy metal band.Members of heavy metal band have red and purple hair,but Albert wanted to be unique so he painted his hair white.

But whenever I see his photos where he is surrounded by books he looks like some kind of Professor of Mathematics..Haha..that is funny. Maybe he wanted to be some top scientist but instead went to music and singing field.I can tell he was not that good at maths as I have seen his signature in various photos. It is written as E=mc² ,nice signature, by the way.But I think he is more into show off, he wants to let other people think he is good at maths. Look at his signature E=mc² , it looks like some equation in algebra, all I can tell is that E must stand for Einstein.

After I knew people from heavy metal band can be that famous I went to one heavy metal concert.I play guitar well, I learned to play it in same concert. I could have played it better but I reached to that concert at last hour and it was nearly finished.And they played guitar so well, it's kind of easy-just smashing and bashing that thing made up of wood. I sometime play guitar as cricket bat and other time to scare my dog by hitting it on ground.Of course, I put my cookies in the hole it has got when I sit to watch T.V.When I first bought guitar- there was some steel string, but I took them out and now use those string to dry my clothes.

Ok I want anybody who has got Album of Albert Einstien to sent to my home or upload in youtube. I am dieing to hear his song. Oh! I just forgot to say about the quote that I saw in the photo of Albert Einstein in my Principal’s office, this is philosophy of my life, though I forget it time and again. Wait I will google it first …Don't go anywhere .You must be single reader of this writing .Just wait ..I will google it as fast as I can…Yes I got it “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.So you must be wondering how this is my philosophy, the thing is –I imagine of being president of USA although I don’t have knowledge of what it means.Now,today I am going to buy one T-shirt with photo of Einstein to show my respect and love for his music.

Finally, once again if anyone has got his album pls send it to me or upload in Youtube or mail me at Stupid@fool.com. Thank you very much for reading my witty writing on one of the greatest singer of all time "Albert Einstein".

Einstein and his song rocks
~Sand ╣


Anonymous said...

I hope this isn't serious.

Sandy said...

Its serious :P