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Knowledge Transfer : Passing it on

Knowledge is power, we need to share more.

  Despite 21st century is regarded as age of highly advanced technology, there is remarkable gap between the understanding of how world works at difference places and among different people,  widely limited mostly to  textbooks prescribed at a particular country.

The question that arises is why there is no human who still do not hassles with stones to burn fire today? Because then humans had uniform and simultaneous development. Every human were allowed to know about the fire and progress as a whole, none was left behind.

But today's scenario is that few humans have advanced upto the level understand and dissect the sub-sub atomic particles while others are still illiterate about most common things involved in science,history and arts. There is such a gap between the knowledge a person from a poor country receives as compared to anyone from so called rich nation; and that's never a problem. The real problem is lack of knowledge and skill transfer among two people from  these locations at entirely different parts of globe. It is mostly people are bound with chains of nationality and later some country based laws and fear while transferring knowledge, which is most of the times involving no cost.

 When there was no concept of nations and lines over maps the learning curve was same for all humans and knowledge transfer was rapid and knowledge used to reach to all living human.
But now so called top countries of world G-20, G-40 or G-whatever has power and authority to hold knowledge and information on every field even related to research on medicine and other science and technology stuff.  Strong and powerful countries maintain secret files even for science and technology, arts and music. What is the secrecy about? The strong nations not trying to give out their research work and knowledge to others small countries or their representing researcher seems more like my class mates hiding their notes-childish and lame. Won't they ultimately find it out somehow = )

 The gap between the nations is mostly due to lack of sharing of available knowledge on improving agriculture, medicine, fuel efficiency and the like.  Such lack of knowledge sharing is making world worse place to live in a holistic way.

To take a particular example, I myself have seen in National Geographic Channel one of CEO of Coca Cola Company boasting about how the company has not give away its secret formula for nearly 100 years. That made me laughs for a little while. Mr. Stupid CEO do you not know that with a advanced chemical analysis by any expert chemist  the ingredients of your sugar water can be easily known? Not only companies like Coca Cola hiding knowledge but also not being careful about the health of consumers (Where the hell is consumer rights?)By the way, I must be the number one fan of Coca Cola.

Anyway, similar confined thoughts have caused a bottle neck in the thinking and prosperity of world in this century. Cannot such industries and education research center co-work to better work effectively and efficiently giving up the unnecessary brand rivalry than run for race of who invented what and who is best in the field ?

Another example would be the infamous Hanger-18 and research on  UFO and extra terrestrial  USA is carrying out not so secretly.This issue is of global importance which USA has not shared with world based on its G-something veto it can use anytime. I would certainly not be concerned if it were their secret military file or list of affair that American Presidents had. But any alien attack would be threat to any country in this world if aliens be there somewhere, and I am sure only American heads is not enough for war with extra terrestrially (War with ET Sounds cool anyhoo 8|)

There should be made international law to share knowledge related to research and study on any topic important to human civilization ranging from history, science or arts. It is right of every human on this earth to know how the world was created and incident that occurred till now and any predictable phenomena that may occur in future .

It should be made mandatory for any R&D related organization anywhere in the world to publish their research paper and make it available so every human on earth can see what the hell these researchers are doing inside closed doors. We do not want some 21st century bomb hit on us anytime soon unexpectedly.

One of the great and admirable examples of knowledge transfer ever in history of mankind  is Internet, similarly other invention and innovation if shared in world scale shall make a positive impact on human civilization. Imagine if only USA had internet and they would limit it to themselves.We would be screwed!

The tremendous knowledge and skill sharing via and open source software should be encouraged and not suppressed to overpower money hungry fools in the fields. Such activity should be promoted and motivated; further government of every nation should invest on it. They are noticeable examples of human desire to share knowledge and skill and want for uniform human civilization. With invention of YouTube not even anyone has to go anywhere to teach and share, one can just create and upload a damn lecture on anything one knows, which shall be seen and perceived world wide.

Would it not be better if we could form global platform for research and study on each and every field?  When people from all around the world come, work and share their knowledge world would certainly be better place to live and peace would get some chance. Also, it would decrease the per ca-pita burden for any citizen of any nation that a nation invest for research and study work, when there is combined universal research and study fund available.

It is wise to share knowledge and skill as when we share it multiplies, and if we do not it just rots and diminishes. In short, the human society should grow equally in every part of world if we give preference to simultaneous development of human civilization.We do not want few people wondering with rock while other flying in rocket.

•Take world as a classroom and create habit of sharing your notes!