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Swimming Breast stroke

Breast stroke is considered as most slow among four strokes in swimming, however, it is the most widely known technique, easy to learn and hard to master.

Breast stroke kick (Frog kick or Whip kick)

1. First you are in streamline.
2. Now bent (flex) knees bend, and bring feet towards to the buttocks. This happens when your head comes  out of water.
3. As soon as feet touch butt it is turned outward.
4. Now feet are brought together in elliptical arch.
5.  Finish feet motion by touching the too feet together VERY IMPORTANT
To get more technical you are supposed to kick back and little down to propel yourself up and forward (Don't worry about this, it evolves with time) . There is undulation during kick which is beyond scope of this post.
Breast stroke hand motion
1. When in streamline position, you have hand stretched front. Now slowly face your hand towards side of pool (Actually it is not complete 90 degree turn of hand, but if you are beginner that's just perfect)
2. Now move your both hand towards the side of pool for beginner move it as far as possible. During this it is vital to have high elbow (elbow raised a bit as compared to being flat) it helps to catch more water. More water you catch, more the propulsion. You have to make a circular arch with breast as its center. This part is called Outward sweep technically. It ends at waist level
3. Then comes the inward pull, where you have to move hand towards your breast .Don't forget to touch your breast each time for good technique
4. Lastly the recovery, in this you extend your hand to be in streamlined position. During recovery you need to glide to maximize your stoke efficiency

To summarize :The hand motion like collecting lost of water , holding it at chest and then giving it forward.
Tip: If you want to sprint, just curl your fingers little bit ;)

This is the area where most of the swimmers suck at. It needs good technique of hand and legs co-ordinated to have a perfect breathing. So if you are not good at above things practice them more before you try this. Even you can swim with wrong technique that is of no value as it takes away much energy from body.

Breathing in breast stroke is done in every stroke. Breathing is generally done during in sweep phase of hand motion. Breathing starts when your elbow reach to your eye level. Head should follow naturally to spine.(Otherwise your technique is wrong-work on it).Never ever lift your head and neck during breathing –That's wrong and can cost you will some neck surgery.

Don't forget to exhale underwater---Art of proper breathing lies in exhaling underwater. Always remember inhaling is natural and you never have to force  it.

I would like to give some tips for overall swimming which I knew and worked for me.

1.You should always swim as if you were standing, You have less water resistance in streamlined position (i.e. Head, neck and spine in one line). And remember you should have your hip raised little bit as compared to other part(That's how we stand).You need to be parallel to the bottom of pool most of the time.

2.With your eye always see at the bottom of pool or sea (sometimes up-to  45 degree forward)

3.Main importantly loosen your neck, shoulder and mouth. Yes when you come out of swimming you have pain in jaw that's because of your stiff jaw. Loose shoulder is the most. And never let there to be wrinkles on your neck at any position of any stroke.

4.Try to have a narrow  body profile (Area that your body occupies) because less the body exposed to water less will be the water resistance.

5.Give up the idea of brute strength and work out for technique. Speed will come later first try to have the best technique as possible.

6.Practice drills to work out on your weak areas.

And guess why I am giving this tip; because this is the last stroke I am going to cover ( I already did freestyle and butterfly stroke previously).. You may say where is back stroke...It ain't there .It sucks the feeling of water into my nose  :/

Please never get frustrated –nobody was a  born swimmer :) Keep up the practice and patience.


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