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Origin of dogs

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went~ Will Rogers

Different breeds, different names, and different streets but same four legged creature with swirling tails: Dogs. Dog dubbed best friend of man has existed through a long time frame of evolution and it will be no surprise they will exist till the survival of Homo sapiens.

Dog have been found to be descended from wolf and evolved to fit the human nearness. Dogs are genetically 99% similar to wolves. The reason that even today both dog and wolf exist is due to the fact that only wolf that were friendly and courageous enough to come in contact to human society evolved as dog.  These wolves successfully breed and with no necessity to kill and hunt had more free time to be tamed, domesticated and be close to humans. However, today there exists variety of dogs .This wide range of dogs found today is due to inter breeding between wolves and other similar animals like fox, jackal etc

During the hunting period to survive wolf relied on the bones and other remains not consumed by humans. Later they gradually become domesticated and have a pivotal role in agriculture based human society. Without dogs it would be impossible to imagine an agriculture based society which saved the cultivation from other animal's encroachment.

Dog falls at the top of list in understanding human emotions. Grooving dogs helps to produce Oxytocine in both the human and the dog which helps to prevent heart disease. And even for a heart patient it increases the longevity of life. Such similar level of secretion of Oxytocine has been found in breast feeding mother. Dog is also anxiety reducer and can be thought as the substitute for medicines which are costly and comes with lots of side effects.

Form protecting house to creating bond with small kids; dogs tops it all. In modern day society there is no animal with the level of playfulness of dogs. Dogs have a high level of cognitive skills and high sensitive smelling power making them the lead in investigating of crime scenes as police dogs. Their cognitive skill is so high that they even beat our ancestor Chimpanzee while we are talking about cognitive skills. The intelligence level of dog is highest among other animals after humans.

 Dogs are the best in the list of animals that can be trained as per our requirement. Dogs are used in airports to chase away birds from runway which preventing air crash. Dog is the only animal which can read emotions in human eyes and act accordingly. Dogs are the master of understanding body language of humans, too.

Dog is also revered as good in Hindu religion where from a family friend to a god Dog has diverse role to play.

So when are you bringing the new member of the family then?

The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs~ Charles de Gaulle


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