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Teleport reality or fantasy

Oh my gosh! What if one day brainchild for the materialization of “Teleportation” emerges with the outburst of such technology? Surely, its impact on human civilization will be far more than any comet striking our planet.

 By teleportation, here, I mean, the transfer of matter from one point to another, more or less instantaneously, whether it be a human or a stone.‘Teleportation’ has been the cornerstone for the science fiction, where a hero with some supernatural power appears here and there within fraction of second. Also, it has been burning issue in the guild of physicist regarding its feasibility, and I have heard some scientist are already after it.

It is beyond the scope of my article to lecture you fellas about Teleport, furthermore, it is way beyond my expertise. Myself being a automotive enthusiast, I want to relate this concept to the field of automobiles, however, sheer as a fantasy.

How to envision a ‘Teleport machine’-will it look like Ferrari, Harley Davidson or a Buffalo! Lets widen our subject of interest a little bit. I fear the invention of “Teleport machine” will certainly be a great blow to the field of automotives. Nonetheless, the idea itself is very quixotic and vague, and will take a century or more to happen as per my cognition or rather say my divination.

Consider that you made a teleport machine and received Nobel Honerable Prize for all fields -Physics,Chemisty and Biology, now what? Of course, Mr. Nobel would be blessing you for such development from a cosy couch in  hell.Then it would mean, scientist and engineers at NASA, CERN and similar institution will have to scratch their head and question how to utilize this crap for advancement and betterment of science and technology. Certainly, there would be more torrents of scientific breakthrough following the advent of Teleport Machine. It may replace the aircraft or even our quotidian automotives-tears are falling from my eyes. People would travel to Moon and Mars during their vacation, covering not kilometers or miles but light year; in order to meet their fellow cousin over there, who would look like actor of  Avatar .

As such, we will be able to know more part of the universe, which are yet to be explored. The micro-processors will have lightning speed,and  obviously, Monte Carlo competitions will lose their charm.

On the downside, what if you loose your hand ,leg or even head and become handicapped during teleport, after-all there is equal probability of your every atoms in  body not being mapped. In addition, can’t there be chance of mutual  exchange of parts of body between individuals both travelling to California simultaneously. Oh! Man these things sounds terrible and I have just got chill in my spine just pondering about that .

Moreover, I fear the day when Mr. Bin Laden appears at White house, during a top meeting, punches Obama teases him and vanishes. Likewise, the day when prisons will be vulnerable, where prisoners can run away with their fellow peers, maybe to Uranus or Pluto never to be found out again. Thus, this entails more technologies to secure the security system itself, which has direct relation with the country’s budget. Furthermore, can the teleport machine be made available to all the publics, or it will be the toys for Richie-rich, exacerbating the gap between the haves and have-nots.

Thus, I have my viewpoint the dull-side of Teleport predominates its merit. In addition to that, Teleport will lead to barbarism and anarchy, which is more lethal than uranium or guided missile. Thereinafter, I am complacent with the 20th century invention viz., cars, rockets and spacecraft and adamant about such technology as far as I am concerned.So: Burn in hell Teleport, Long live Automotives.

Question to readers!!!!!
*What would you do if you get a “Teleport machine”-rob a bank and commute to Las Vegas or even Mars with partner or others??

© S.T
(This is not an article by a topnotch of the subject-matter, but a novice with insufficient academic traits as well as experience. )