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Life ain't test match

Life is always a test match:

  • There are spectators and ranking to maintain, people watch you.  
  • Attempted Yorker turns into full toss, not as expected.
  • Irritation by people roaming around sight-screen, problems.
  • There's chase for ball until it touches boundary rope, daily chase.
  • You sometime get golden duck by a loosener, surprise element.
  • There's every possibility of white wash, worst thing can happen.
  • You will be stumped when you try to go forward, people pull legs.
  • You forget the fielder at third slip, simple mistakes.
  • There's sledging, ball tampering and match-fixing; dirty part.
  • Above all, there's no captain to declare the innings, you are on yourself.
Life is never a test match:

  • There's no rope to indicate boundary, limitless.
  • There's no action replay, past is history.
  • There's no night-watchman, self-esteem.
  • There's no side runner during injury, no assistance in difficulty.
  • There's no extra runs, no gain without pain.
  • You can't play with pad or leave a bouncer, face every part.
  • There's no  by bad light stop play, rest.
  • You can't win by D/L method, easy way out.
  • Above all, you can't hit double-century and remain not out; caring others. ~S.T