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Why this melody haunts me?

 Hunting Melody Go Away!!
Research Based(Article)
How many times you have some tunes or song stuck in your head, which keeps buzzing in your mind the entire day.You need not worry as it happens to 98-99% of people. In most cases, the persistent tunes, known as 'Earworms' let go their grip after a few minutes or sometime lasts for hours or even days.

This earworm is often called 'haunting melody' to describe the psychodynamic features of the phenomenon.

This common phenomenon is profoundly studied by Andréane McNally-Gagnon, a doctoral student in psychology at the University of Montreal.She herself is a musician, and wanted to clarify this issue.

Earworm, a word with German origin Ohrwurm(Ohr :Ear;Wurm:Worm), is a portion of a song or other music that repeats compulsively within one's mind.It is also known by other names such as music meme, humsickness ,repetunitis, obsessive musical thought and tune wedgy.

The phenomenon occurs when a person is usually in a positive emotional state and is involved with non-intellectual activities such as walking, which requires little concentration. The phenomenon occurs,perhaps, to prevent worry or to change moods. The actual neurological process with earworms has not been studied in detail till now, however it is sure that this phenomenon is involuntary.

The study at the University of Montreal, has found that auditive memory in people can accurately replicate songs. Humming among musicians was only one key off original recordings, while non-musicians were off by two keys.

People with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) are more likely to report being troubled by earworms - in some cases, medications for OCD can minimize the effects. Earworms should not be confused with endomusia or musical hallucinations a serious affliction, through which a sufferer actually hears music that is not playing externally.However,earworm should never be misinterpreted as any malady.

Lastly, haunting melody is common to any short of music listeners, whether they listen to hard metal or other soft music.