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How You Do'in Antivirus?
(Testing your Antivirus)
Almost everyone use anti virus in the world, but how many know wether your antivirus is working good or not? So here is a short and sweet way to check the condition of your antivirus. This research was done by EICAR (European Institute of Computer Antivirus Research). Credits to EICAR.
Follow the below steps to know how this actually work?

1. Open notepad and Paste the code below:


2. Now Save the file as “a” with the double quotes. Now a file will be Created with BOX like icon.
3. Now right click the file(whose icon looks like rectangle box) and make a scan with your antivirus. If your antivirus says a warning as file infected or something and will immediately delete the file.
If this happens, Your Antivirus is best and functions well protecting you from virus and malware. Most anti virus will prompt a warning. But if your antivirus skips the file, Then its time to re-install your antivirus. This code will never Harm your PC. So no need to worry about it. If your antivirus couldn't detect the file you can manually delete that file.