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Good night sleep(Poem)
I wake up all night with my closed eyes
Laying in the bed until my throat dries
Can't sleep until the alarm cries

I toss and turn with active mind- every night
That's why at day I seem dull and less bright
Popping up pills & working on drills- all in vain
Even cockroach enjoys sleep in the filthy drain
I have a desire to shut down my mind
Have a perfect routined sleeping time
Don't want to think of future or dig behind
I have a bad habit of pondering at night
And it's against my good night sleep, right?

There's no soothing symphony that can make me sleep
As the night gets darker my brain thinks deep and deep
I want to see a dream, if not I deserve a nightmare atleast
I can even trade my soul for proper sleep with the Beast
I have an impression it's a depression or what can it be?
I thought sleep was the only thing human get for free
Isn't there any technique to decaffinate my brain
What's the feasiblity for deactivating my sense?
Went through Sleplessness literature that I could find
With no answer to cure my eager soul and mind
I have a bad habit of wondering at night
And it's against my good night sleep, right?