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My movie list

My Top 25  Movies
I'm too lazy to write description for them, and what is Google there for?
2.Cast Away
3.Up in the air

4.Secret Window
5.Vanilla Sky
6.Seven Pound
7.Shutter Island

8.The Adventure of Shermock Holmes
9.Forrest Gump
10.Donnie Darko
11What's eating Gilbert Grape
12. Terminator-Judgement Day
13.The Terminal

15.Eternal sunshine of spotless mind

17.One Who flew over Cuckoo nest
18.Pulp Fiction
19.Kung fu Panda
20. The Pink Panther

21.Thank you for smoking

22.Run Lola Run

23.The Bucket List

24.City of Angles

25. The Shawahank Redemption
Some movies worth naming:
I am not there,The crash,The Children of Huang Shi,You have got a mail,The Godfather,The beach,Saving Private Ryan,A beautiful mind, The Pursuit of happiness, October Sky,A few good man, Pirates of Silicon Valley,Sicko,Taxi Driver,Silence of the Lamb,Trainspotting, Stand and Deliver,Million dollar baby,Letter to God,When we were kings,Saw series,Seven,American Beauty,Da vinchi code,Angles and demons,Top gun,Greyhound Day,City of God,Life is beautiful,Full metal Jacket and all those beautiful movies I can't remember right now.

These will never make into above list:
Avatar,Titanic,Quest for fire,Unforgiven,Psycho,Cry baby,The ladykiller,The Pianist, Schindler's list,The diving bell and butterfly,District nine and all those ugly movies I don't want to remember right now.

Now it's your turn to share your top movies.

If anyone don't like this list, see you in court.

Sand ╣


ropcorn said...

My top three are:

Big business (1988)

Fried green tomatoes (1991)

Steel magnolias (1989)

You can read more about why and see clips from these movies on my blog ;-)

Have you seen "Inception"? I saw it yesterday, not sure if I got the ending though, hm?


Sandy said...

Yes, I saw it. It is heavily influenced by Vanilla Sky(Remake of spanish movie Open Your Eyes (Spanish: Abre los ojos).

I'm not that impressed with this movie.Too many unnecessay characters and story is also not original.

But I find this movie over hyped.
I think ending is made vague(maybe easing for 2nd part).

At end when Totem is rotating although it seems to lose its momentum but Caprio is distracted by his children and it is not clear that wheather it was dream or real.

But personally I take it as dream.It can be limbo but not 100% sure.

All I can tell is this movie will sure have second part

ropcorn said...

Good, I'm not the only one who was a bit confused then :)

Anonymous said...

up in the air ..is my favourite for the idea of evaluation ...
then seven pounds for the georgeous meaning ..:)..am in need to sign my name ..i suppose u know me ..:) sandy

Sandy said...

Up in the air is superb and I like the character played by George Cloone very much and the idea of the movie. Of course, there is no movie to compare with Seven pound -it's georgeous meaning will remain in my mind and heart my whole life. I suppose I don't know u :) Emily :P

Anonymous said...

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Sandeep Tripathi said...

I would feel better if comment had indication of personality..ANONYMOUS SOUNDS ANONYMOUS :/