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Color of love: What's the color?

"Love is an act of faith, and whoever is of little faith is also of little love.”-Erich Fromm

"If there are junk yards in hell, love is the dog that guards the gates."- Charles Bukowski (Love is a Dog From Hell: Poems)
People say love is in the air-I never see them; must be time for my eye check up. So today I thought to plunge into the depth of love to find it's true color.

One word heard from ages written in pages still confusing millions of mind with no particular definition, no definite structure, and no experts. Doesn't that sound hell of bizarre thing? Love is a very hard idea to grasp. Definition of love differs from person to person from place to place. Today let's observe the crazy thing called L-O-V-E.

Love belongs to philosophy, psychology and science and many more things - yet like an unsolved mystery; love  belongs to nowhere. There have been many theories proposed by neuroscientist and psychologist relating to love. People in past were so confident love can't be described by science; which has been now proved damn wrong. Recent studies in neuroscience says that when  people fall in love, the brain consistently releases certain set of chemicals, which stimulates the brain's pleasure center causing effects like  increased rate of heart loss of appetite and sleep and intense feeling of excitement.  For sure love is influenced by chemicals like Oxytocin(Chemical of love) and other chemicals secreted by our body. Indeed, science alone will never be able to define or rather say explain love.
But let's see love from eye of an observer-rather than a scientist or a lover. Love sure doesn't have any solid definition or description. There are numerous forms of love: infatuation, lust, impression or true love, last one is the rarest.

In the literature all over the globe there are various works with love as it's subject matter. Everywhere the subject is dealt with differently approach and with their own point of view. As I am writing this long thing on love, you must be quite curious to know my point of view on love. That's exactly what I am going to do here, in fact, that's all I am going to do.  Here I won't be discussing Shakespeare rather try to present my own ideas, however ideas can coincide, after all the topic is same.

 For me love is simple, little bit of chemicals and little bit of faith. Love is more about faith than romance.  Roaming in parks with hand in hand, exchange of fancy expensive gifts and words of love- certainly that is not love for me. I would describe that as mere desire to have a boyfriend or girlfriend because every other friend got one.For damn god's sake Love is not some toy you should have it because your friends have it. 

 I don't know how people can take the fancy words of love like I can bring stars from sky and blah blah blah ..I would say dude I can't imagine sky with one star less so let it be ..(What the hell?)True love has its root in reality.

So you must want to know what love is for this weird head. I say true love is the one which you won't regret even when you have wrinkled face and white hair.

And people tell me about love at first sight I find it a very pathetic notion .That must be love but definitely not true one, I term it as impression. You must have liked some person's hair, richness, way of talking, humbleness or even shape of the booty but not the complete person at one single glance. If you say that is love I will say in return you are gonna regret it soon. In fact there already is terminology for such feeling or emotion and is known as Passionate love which is transitory, usually lasting between 6 and 30 months Sometimes it develops into real love and other times just some silly memory.

 If you are in love with some person for his/her best traits; all I can say is you will get disappointed sometime later. But if you are in love with someone after knowing the worst traits and stories of the person you are always safe. True love is more about finding one's inner self than anything. True love is more about being part of other person at the time of darkest hour; motivating the person to sail through this cumbersome life. True love is about respecting other person's ideologies, concepts and thoughts deep from the heart.

One characteristic nature of love is it can't be forced or won with brute strength or even power or money. That's the charm of love otherwise it would be just ticket to the VIP lounge in some football match which could be snatched from one person to another with power, money and brute strength.

 And yes how people choose one person to love from millions of people in this word. Sounds like a tough calculation even for some big shot mathematician. A person to love can't be just found out with some permutation and combination.  And don't tell me pairs are made in heaven (I don't think so!!!) I am quiet skeptical about divine accidents !! I have never heard anyone falling in love with someone who he/she had never seen or known. So cut out the divine intervention thingy with me.

 And the all time ideal condition termed as "True love". Does it exist or people created this for providing some meaning to life, indulging people in something. There should be no condition in love otherwise it feels like some bonanza while buying products in a store.

Love is blind is not true rather obsolete , actually I have slight change in definition how about : Love is not blind instead true love never minds . The difference between love and true love is true love increase it's intensity every passing time while love (sometimes infatuation or impression) decreases it's intensity with time.I wish I could plot a graph for time versus love to make things simple but I can't.

For me True love is not about trying to find perfect person but to try to know the imperfect person perfectly -inside out. Love is not about trying to find a flawless person; but to neglect the flaws with positive state of mind. For true love you can't depend on your eyes and ears. And one bad thing about true love –it has no measure or proof. All you have to do is rely on your faith and that is very hard for normal people like us.

True love is a pursuit of great risk you got to put your life as a capital, and yes normally people are scared on doing so. That's why people are skeptic about the presence of true love.

I would lie to clarify with one example ( I am kind of impressed by Zen Philosophy): Every child takes part in drama when they are small kid, some get chance to perform on stage some just limit themselves to practice sessions. And very few among them get a chance to become well renowned actor and actress. The difference is all the devotion and passion those few people have for that small thing called drama –that's what separates a famous movie star from me and you.

For true love you should have passion for it; devotion for it. If you just want to have girlfriend for the reason all your friends got one: it's like joining the drama classes for the reason every other is doing it .Simple as me. Acceptance, mutual understanding and shared respect for each other is the cornerstone for true love or even simply love.
And why is true love near to idealism because people are not patient.  And True love is another word for being patient and strong during time of hitting low notes in life. There is no easy way out in true love. That's why the half of the love birds fail to reach the height of love and that's how true love gets the fictional image limited to books and movies. People who are afraid of circumstances are not the good competent in the game of True love , I rather suggest them to stick just to love which is more than enough for any human to brighten their life.
I feel so ridiculous towards the person who change love like shocks. That is same to the phrase Love of life. Or maybe their style is different from my thoughts, they must be experimenting with love. That's good for them; but I will stick to my orthodox ideas.

Of course, love should not have boundaries. It should be equally accessible to every human on earth. As to normal people it should be same for poor, criminals, prostitutes or whosoever who has come to this world.  Stereotype definition should be fixed otherwise  it will  lead  world to chaos and nothing more. If it is restricted to some person such thing can't be sacred love it more becomes like some tyrannical law.
And how could I forget the classic lust. That has always played one hell of a role to separate love from true love. Lust and sex is one significant thing in human life and it has a major role to play in love detouring it from reaching the actual  destination .And sex and lust is quite automatic and natural than being thoughtful for true love. And many a times something natural wins.

Another factor called money who don't love money- everybody does. No money no honey Money does matter and is culprit for turning the love into hatred breaking some strong relations All I can say is never underestimate the power of money after all you need money to fuel the life to move it in the road until we reach the dead end called death. And I have seen some morons trying to buy love with money that is just reflection of such person's limited horizon. As always I say Horizon speaks!!

 Like everything love too has some dark sides. Jealousy, suspicion, fear, anger, and contention  go hand in hand with love you can't skip them; but sure can fight with positive frame of mind. And in love the greatest enemy is sense of privatization of the one who one loves-which has become the love destroying factor nine out of ten times.Love is more about collecting shattered pieces of life than anything; if same thing is shattering your life you are in deep shit for sure.
I say the most important thing in love is timing-Never rush; Never slug; and  Always suppress the negativity. You need not be fast as rocket or slow as snail to achieve True love. Little hope and lost of patience should do the trick.

What's the need for love is another significant question . First of all it is more related to escape the loneliness people carry along with them since birth. The magnitude of loneliness differs from person to person. Some other feel love is gift of god so they just want to grab the free gift, without any reason. Another sector of people treat love as waste of time. They regard it as some cage and don't want to get caged in even if the cage is made up or gold or even diamond. Some people with limited horizon regard love as pathway for sex and nothing more. And some people are just not quite interested in having more troubles in life-they think they already have enough trouble to take care of.Some just feel Love is forth dimension in life.

Love is two hearts beating in synchronization and two souls coinciding to give the eternal music.Love can never be syntactic. Love  transforms it color bouncing through different spectrum of  Love, hence, can't just be illustrated by color instead it is the whole  spectrum. Love is black love is white it is all colors in between. Period.  

At last, I am very thankful to every people in the world with different views and different horizon helping me to easily distinguish between love, lust and true love.

There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved.”
-George Sand

In real love you want the other person’s good, In romantic love you want the other person.”
~Margaret Anderson

In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.”
-Janos Arnay

“Love is when you do not know why you seem to be attracted to a person.Love has its reason and the reason is unknown.”



Anonymous said...

wonderful post as usual :) :)
to tell you the truth i have always believed in true love but never believed it could exist in reality ..true love to me = perfection ..and perfection never exist on earth yet we cant give up looking for such precious thing that would one day turn your life to heaven on earth :))
true love is limitless and got no peak that's why its forever kind of thing ...circumstances most of time make us make choices we would regret thats why true love requires strength &patient ...which are quite hard to be reached ..up all i have always known that its up to us to reach for what we seak in life ...but its hell hard to find a person who would appreciate true love thats why i know true love doesn't exist because of us...we rush things ..we mistreat and we screw love and true love ..sometimes you are just alone so u take any chance that jump in your way (love)..so i think true love can never be influenced by ur psychological condition ..sometimes i think true love already exist in your life ..but u just have to figure it out !!..its just so vast and so perfect after all i my self in love with true love and will be always hoping for it :) THUMBS UP FOR TRUE LOVE !!!the dark side about true love is its preciousness and greatness which is nearly impossible to be found ...yet i ll always believe in it :D

Sandy said...

circumstances does play part, and yes true love is not the thing when anyone is trying to eliminate loneliness ..That would rather be recreation than true love.

Being epitome of perfectness True love has be a rarest entity in world.Perfection is just another word to make people feel inferior at their best. So at least people should try their best to achieve true love and not be detoured by lust, attraction,wealth and other common factors in the voyage of True love which sounds quite impossible for humans :otherwise literature would have real example of heaven in earth itself :D

Anonymous said...

serious tALKS goin on :-ss all i know is i hv a bf who i love,dunno the color..dunno the depth..dunno true or false...just love,nd darned m i not happy!!! :-D I AM HAPPY :-D

Sandy said...

Glad & Happy you are not lonsome tonight Anonymous :)