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An Easy Escape

Once again the same old topic -human psychology.Life is where the plan least works out.You can't stick to a plan, and if you do either you are too courageous or too stupid.

In life problems and tragic incidents are inescapable! And it is common at the times of trouble we naturally search for quick fix.Bad luck-there's no quick fix in life.

Especially among the growing up kids,there is tendency of not being able to cope with the unplanned routes; the lacking ability to have a back up plan.Consequences:Drugs and Deaths; easy shortcuts.

So what's the solution to this all time classic problem.Simple "INTEREST". Create more interest, maybe some sports, some instruments,some new language; just anything new which takes out the creative genius in you. It is easy to waste time during the bad times, later when you realize you wasted the time for nothing it is oftentimes too late.

Therefore just turn out the negativity in yourself into your skill, some creativity so when you are out of bad times, you won't have to lament the wasted hours in life.How good it is that you trade your negativity for creativity. Ain't it sound cool Creativity from Negativity-sure it doesn't violate second law of thermodynamics so don't worry. Okay that was a lame joke :/

And  times you are down are the easiest period where you can fall into bad habits like drugs. Just one advice -don't do drugs: it fucks you inside out.And to fall for some criminal act during those time is as easy as pie.Just prevent yourself from anything which temporarily seems easy way out; however, hampers your future in large scale.You need money for drugs too,instead go to some painting classes, musical lesson , learn some language,learn cooking,learn photography that would benefit you in future.And how could I forget reading great books, watching movies and writing -you need not be Albert Camus, even I write.

I say try something entirely different,something you would have no time to do when you are at best times of your life. Choose the topic such that which you find interesting, you can't just escape bad times with doing something boring-that just adds to your negativity.For me it's music what a  great escape, more trip giving than LSD and 100% free. I call it sweetest escape:)

Some love tragedy or death of someone too close  or some missed opportunities, there are million boys and girls out there and opportunities comes and go ; no big deal,just stick to yourself and everything will be just fine..You get messed up in life sometimes, that doesn't mean you stop fighting back to life.You have to stand tall and hit hard to knock life. You go weak in first round you can't hear the 12th round bell ringing in your ears. C’est la vie :)

Sometimes it's not just the bad timing that leads to the triggering of negativity in you, but the boredom from life itself makes it worse.So just don't get bored!!

 To tell about myself, I am man of interest.I know one thing the day my interests dies, I will die-I plan to live quite long!!All in all smile at life and it will smile back to you, sometimes life is harsh on people who don't quite smile ;)
Sunset doesn't last all evening
A mind can blow those clouds away
It's not always going to be this gray
All things must pass
None of life's strings can last
So, I must be on my way
And face another day ~All things must pass;George Harrison.


Anonymous said...

wow sandy that was just one great topic :D ..i truly hope you would keep this spirit dear !!..will help you pass bad times safely ...as for me i agree 100% with what you said about drugs :D ...i believe there is nothing more harmful than drugs it hurts the one that is doing it and people around that person :)
but i believe there is something else would make you survive ..its your dreams ..you stick to them do your best to reach them and time will just fly and eventually its always about us ..we make things tragic and we make them pass :):)
wish u can always be strong and faithful dear :)

Sandy said...

Thank you so much for commenting...I got two things :STRENGTH & FAITH ;)