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Random musical terms ♫

 À la [Fr.]: To the, at the; or in the manner of or in the fashion/style of  eg: À la Eric Clapton

Note :Sound of a distinct pitch, quality, or duration produced by a musical instrument or by the voice
Enharmonic: 2 notes that differ in name but refer to the same pitch. For example, C# and Db .

Interval: The distance between two tones

Beat :Basic unit of musical rhythm, a single stroke of a rhythmic accent

Flat(b): To diminish the respective note by 1 semitone  like:A to Ab

Sharp(#): To augment the note by 1 semitone like :A to A#

Octave : 2 notes that are 8 full tones apart, indicating the start and end of a scale

Unison: Various singers or instruments singing or playing the same note(s) together

Timbre [Lat.]: The quality of a musical tone that distinguishes voices, instruments and individual performers. It is the characteristic property of musical instrument which help us to separate between instruments like even same tune is played in guitar and piano we can separate between these instruments while listening due to difference in timbre.

Tempo[It] :The rate of speed at which a musical composition is performed

Tone:  The quality of a musical sound

Chord : Combination of two or more notes

Arpeggio: Sounding of the notes of a chord by playing one after the other in rapid succession, instead of simultaneously

Crotchet: Quarter-note; 1 beat in duration

Measure or Bar: Period of a musical piece that indicates a complete cycle of the time signature; for example, in 4/4 time, a measure has 4 crotchet beats

Scale: A gradual series of tones arranged in a specified order.

Chromatic Scale: Scale containing all the notes within an octave, including sharps and flats.

Clef: Symbol at the beginning of the staff that decides the pitch of the notes on the staff. Most common clefs are the treble and bass clef.

Key: A system of tones and pitches based on the respective key note

Time Signature: Symbol at the start of a song or music score, indicating the number of beats to a measure or bar
Common Time : The time signature of 4/4; four beats per measure, each beat a quarter note (a crotchet) in length. 4/4 is often written on the musical staff as 'C'.

Compound Time :Metrical time such that 3 beats are counted as one;
each beat is divisible by 3

Modulation: To change or transit to different key

Melody: An arrangement of single tones in a meaningful sequence

Accent :Rhythmically significant stress in line of verse
Syncopation: The rhythmic result produced when a regularly accented beat is displaced onto an unaccented beat. Generally in reggae music upstroke is syncopated in guitar

Dynamics: Loudness or softness of a song. Also refers to the musical terms or symbols defining volume in a song

Register: A section of the range of an instrument or a voice. In guitar Lower string of guitar sound dull than upper strings and these sets of strings is referred to as register

Intonation : The degree of precision of pitch

Sustain: To sing or play a specific note for the specified duration

Triplet :3 notes played in the same amount of time as 1 or 2 beats

Ostinato: A repeated melodic or rhythmic fragment

Staccato: To sing or play in a short or detached manner

Glissando: Sliding quickly between 2 notes
Legato: Smooth, flowing

 Harmony :2 or 3 tones played together to create a pleasant sound or musical effect, often    to back up the melody or solo singer. 

 Dissonance:Non resolved sounding tones

Cadence: A short sequence of notes that marks the end of a piece or passage of music
Chord Progression: A series of chords played in succession

Phrase : A small section of a composition comprising a musical thought. Compare with sentence in language.

  Theme: A short musical passage that states an idea. It often provides the basis for    variations, development, etc
    Solo :Performance by a single artist such as a musician, singer, or dancer
    Opera :Performance of a drama where words are sung to instrumental music and not spoken
   Medley: Sections of various songs performed one after another