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So You Want to Know About Me,huh ?

All in all response to comments

1. Which platform is better word press or blogger?
►Blogger. WordPress and its  plugins sucks.

2. Your blog has problem opening in Safari of Firefox or  Explorer?
► You are using wrong browser, I use chrome.

3. Do you get spam?
► Yes but I do have filter. Everything goes through the filter.

4. Why is your blog fast?
► Know about type of formats to put in your site so it runs faster. Say no to bullshit plugins. Do not give a share option.Do not put adds in your site(Unless that is your way of earning). In short do not run after SEO ranking and stop kissing Google's ass to be in top of ranking.
Go through your code, that is if you got time.

5. Why does your RSS feed not work?
Use inbox my post instead

6.Do you go through all the comments?
► I assume most of them are computer generated or written by folks to increase their site visit by posting link on mine.

7. What do you want readers to do?
► Write their god damn name in the comment. Credit card number too is useful.

8. Do you need a co-writer?
► I do not need anything. Merci.

10. Do I care if anyone copies my theme and color of website?
► Certainly not, I have seen 100's copying it.

11. Do I want to be nominated for any awards?
► Not until it consists hell lot of money.

12. Will I review anyones blog or site or book or movie or anything?
► No. I ain't noones bitch.I review only things  I feel are genuine. Here, genuine complies with my definition of genuine and not yours.

13. Am I checking anyone site or following anyone?
► No. I am a bad follower.

14. Do I care who recommended the site?

15. Am I afraid hackers will hack and take away my contents?
► All this is for them 3:-) I love hackers.

Name:Sandeep  Tripathi
  • Interest:Reading books,Cricket,Movies,Music,Guitar,Swimming,Automotive.
  • Book :Science fiction,Biographies,Technology,Classics.
  • Movie: Amélie( The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain);
    Cast Away by Robert Zemeckis & starring Tom Hanks 
  •  Music:Heavy metal and anything that touches me
  • Influence: Wernher Von Braun,Warren Buffet,R.P Feynman.
  • Best book:What Do You Care What Other People Think? by R.P Feynman
  • Best novel:The Stranger by Albert Camus, Catcher in rye by J.D Salinger
My Bucket List
1.  To work or research for CERN, F1 or Nascar.
2. Live in France (As it's citizen)
3.Find interest in life.
4.Be part of CERN. 
 5.One time lecture at MIT
6.Visit  Baltimore,California,Egypt, Haiti,Japan.
7.Have personal library, garage and lab.
8.Read best book ever
9.Establish world-class university
10.Watch best movie ever
11.Help total strangers ( for free of course)
12.Learn to play at least 2 musical instrument
13.Write a Book
14.Scuba Diving and Sky Diving
15.Be proud of saving life
16.Eat at least one cuisine from ever nation.
17.Ride car at 300+Mph(At racing track)
18.Write a script for movie (My life is like a movie so no big deal,)
19.Invent or discover something new and useful
20.Do something too Risky for life
21.Be at Noble Ceremony (Just be there not get the prize, because I never will :)
22.Make Best Friend. (Eman Ahmed Mouhammed Wally Moustafa aka Emily)
23.Audio Visual room and Sound proof room(So I can sing there and watch movies)
24.Find the meaning of  'God' (I never will --God is hypothetical)
25. Do something so that unknown people will cry for me when I die (Sounds too much)

For wasting your time on my Bucket list ;)