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Climate menace
'Climate change' is the most debated issue these days from policy making to global meetings ,yet with implicit perception by the common people. The climate change is detrimental to the Homo Sapiens both at the top of the hierarchy as well as food chain,after all they are the ones to get affected ultimately. So,we humans should focus on to eradicate effects of climate change to save other small creatures and mainly ourselves.
To talk about factors causing climate change,they can broadly be classified as -global warming and green house effect; both triggered by population explosion. We can recognize the effect of changing environment just by looking around us by raising the curtains and peeping through our window, there's no need to make any world tour for this. The increased water vapor, melting of glaciers & polar ice caps, flood, drought, erratic rainfall, increase in sea level are the indicators of the changing earth's climate.
The changing climate has adverse effect to each and every dwellers of this world including tiny insects to big humans. The species of frog, salamanders & penguins are declining while others embody red panda, polar bear, apes, cetaceans on the brink of extinction; same is the case with plant species, like, Yarsagumba, Panch aule, serpentine & so on.
The adverse effect of climate change is more illustrated by the decreasing rain forest in Brazil or number of animals in the forest of Africa or even symptoms of famine in India. For instance, there are 60 coastal cities at the risk of submerging and the bad news is that sea level is rising nearly by 5 inches every year. The increasing quantity of fallow land can strike the world with famine which is inevitable as per the erratic trend of climate change. Furthermore, warmer temperature favors the pathogens which soars myriad diseases. Moreover, it can cause gene mutation even resulting extinction of homo sapiens.

To epitomize, in order to eschew the havoc of climate change in our lovely earth public awareness is to be created. Besides, world should concentrate on greener environment instead of producing weapons of mass destruction and giant industries. In my view, combined effort and global participation to address and curb this problem is the infallible remedy to solve this trouble,also trying to make our cities Eco-friendly , seems to be profitable as compared to expensive tours for gossiping about climate change.
(This article has been prepared to moke the leaders attending '2009 Climate Summit' at Copenhagen who made their whole trip either by aircraft or automobiles, and are never tired of labeling themselves as environment friendly people.)

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