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Songsmith : Revolutionizing Electronica Music

Songsmith is a  software  developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is a virtual music creating software or just an electronic music software for me.Thom Yorke(Radiohead) would be proud of this software.Wish Microsoft made him ambassador for songsmith software.
 Being heavily influenced by music, I have always searched software related to music which would take away the cumbersome musical theory from music. After hassle of searching for such software for long time I think found one.
 What I at glance liked about this software is its name. I have always been impressed by  Aerosmith name was unique and ingrained with music, and this software reminded me that as well as its name is just perfect.
 Handling microphone and recording devices is easy.
•It has two bars for intro and two bars for outro which can be turned on and off. 

•It is possible to export the saved file to windows media player for video making and other touches.
•It can be used to create music without having any instrument or recording devices. I personally liked how I can create a backing track for soloing over a progression for guitar.
•It is possible to create just a backing track using drums only.
• You can change style/genre to suit yourself. Some of them are blues,jazz,funk etc.
•It is possible to change instrument to be used. And while creating a progression it is possible to perform chord substitution if you know music theory or even for beginners it seems to suggest suitable chords so hell with theory.

•The mixer in songsmith is boon for novice sound engineers and sound mixing professionals.
What is best liked about this piece of software is how any music enthusiast can create their own music without owing any   Instrument or recording devices.
• This software seems equally useful for guys who know music theory and are serious about creating/Composing music.
• This piece of software is equally important to music students and those who want to recreate singing songs and don't have any idea of accompaniment instrument.
•Transposing key is very easy to do here.
•Using this software is child's play (I will sometime write on how to use it. I have also created a backing track using this software: link is somewhere do find it yourself :P)12 Bar Blues my sample demo
• I have used free trial of it which runs for only 6 hours.
• Advanced chord substitution and chord construction is not available
•Genre like heavy metal is not available.
• Not variation for particular instruments.

As this piece of software is still under development, I feel this will be a huge success as software.
I would rate this software 4 out of 5 for now