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Creative writing

Education for all
In this 21st century of science and technology, no single human in this planet should be deprived from the opportunity of education, which has become as fundamental as water, food and air.
Firstly, education is the prime factor which helps to maintain human supremacy to other existing animals- adding dimensions to our lives. Thus, education can act as weapon to wipe out orthodox and illogical customs and traditions from our society. Further, educated people can produce substantial change in socio-economic status of a nation by proper policy making, and good governance.
Secondly, educated people can advent new innovation, technologies and ideas to make life sophisticated, while uneducated people are bound to live mundane and unproductive Also, educated people has wide horizon about opportunities in life. Similarly, educated people can make their useful ideas and thoughts comprehensible to others, and decipher others logics with ease, which cultivates habit of sharing views and ideas.
Finally, the education can be regarded as the cornerstone for the development of a nation. Any nation lacking topnotch educated work- force, is compelled to survive with “Screw-driver technology”, meanwhile other nation deal with automation and cutting edge technology, thus becomes incompetent at global arena. Moreover, such countries have to occupy themselves with trivial problems of overpopulation, epidemics, sanitation awareness and the like.
Albeit, education has various merits; in the poor countries where basic requirements are arduous to fulfill, education is naturally out of equation. In such places, prospective students are strolling unproductively, and are reluctant about procuring education, mainly due to poor financial status and family responsibilities.
Therefore, prosperity of the world depends on the education of future generation, so every prospective child throughout the earth should get the same amenities for education regardless of financial status.

©  Sandeep Tripathi