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Detoured not Dead!

I would caution that, this piece is really boring, and no way contains any entertaining or funny material. This piece is in relation to my intention of writing a book, which would subsume my past knowledge and future concepts, however not an autobiography starting right from date of birth and ending somewhere at trivial point.
 Till now its feasibility is poor, due to my academic and financial handicappedness, but never mind.This is not my fault that this piece is naive, as I am not the person who coined these words I am using; otherwise the world would have more precision.
Life is full of analogy, in fact, life is analogy itself. By birth, I have been a curious character, not in French sense. I have gone through trembling of leg to butterfly sensation in stomach, and sure I am expert on some part of life, but novice in countless areas.

The thought of failure and glory is the fuel for driving humans to achieve things which may be considered just near to impossible. For me failure has been a deep source of inspiration, burning fuel to cross the 300 mph limit in the race track, namely, life, pretty much similar to Santiago in "The Alchemist"."As you desire, as you did, as your destiny" may be 100% correct; but, nevertheless, comes with vague definition of Destiny. From my point of view destiny is just what you want and not what some silly spiritual things desires.
The best way to live happy is to be far from any enmity or friendship, after-all they are real distracters, like people roaming around sight screen in a cricket match or the man standing during your movie time.

How do you measure happiness in life? Is it the wardrobe full of clothes, personal library full of books or Ferrari or BMW parked outside your mansion? The most dynamic thing in this universe is the perception of Happiness. Today, you become happy for spending time with your girl or boy and tomorrow happiness will be the signature in the divorce paper. It is very arduous to cope up with happiness and its definition.

I find it funny when people worship god, just after being bailed from noose for having booze. No offence for deep followers of god, this is just my notion and not any universal law from text book of Physics. I sense that, there is nothing as like god, this is just concept so that people will be far from aberrancy from their right track. Such that, world will be free sin and crime. Say that you follow god and you are no way sensible, then its in vain. On the other hand, if you are away from evil part of human life then you don't need any concept that says there is something supernatural more supreme than you. In my view the concept of God was induced so that people could overcome the psychological pressure and have mental edge over their problem. God is just a concept to create harmless society, to overcome the sorrow and over-joy. I will be writing more about god and its utility, when I get time.

Life is neither convolute nor straight, but a real mixed bag. Every time you think life is perfect their will always be an experimental error in your perception. Life is like Physics, theories with at least one perfect anomaly, like biology bulk of exception and like law, verdict never perfectly mapping the crime. Life is sometimes a close save, and other times a long lasting bruise seen on your every upcoming photograph.