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Gone for infinity ∞

Used to be so fun
When we used to run
With our hand in hand.
And now you are gone

You had something to share
And I was too busy to care
You seem so happy without fear.

Quickly you make up your mind
Never bothered to see behind
Wish I could just rewind
And read your mind.

Those Beautiful days!

After I went wrong
Today I'm writing this shitty song
And a hope phone in my pocket rung
And I just didn't hear & missed that .

I'm over here and you over there.

And now;
This is not so fair

If it was about pride
I could have given you safe ride
Against those cruel people

But you didn't say nothing.
Now I'm all depressed
Top to bottom blackly dressed
Flowers on my hand
Stepping over this freaking hot sand.

This is not so fair
When I catch you there

I will knock your ear
For all these tear
You gave to me.

You're free and I'm bound
And my head goes round & round
Today I lost you never to be found.

You and your small hole
Maybe coz you missed your goal.
Its impact and its role
On my gloomful life.

I lost my two dimes
Two coins over your eyes.
My heart repeatedly cries
With all this sleepless night.

Now you are asleep and I'm still awake.
This is not so fair.
You there and I 'm here.

Sand ╣


Anonymous said...

this is so not fare u there and am here...but who cares ...life is always not fare and will be so ..:) look at the bright side always and deal with what u got..:)

Sandeep Tripathi said...

Thanks Emily ..Nothing to worry ..Will always look at bright side and you too do that for Sandy ^_^