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Freestyle Mystyle

Here, are some tips to make your freestyle more correct and efficient.

A. After you push off or dive, streamline yourself and come to surface before starting freestyle kick.( You can use either breast-stoke or Dolphin Kick to come to surface.)
B. Your hip should lie above water surface so that you can glide, if the hip is below water surface you will decrease your efficiency!!
C. Remember to keep your elbow at the surface. Also, your head and spine should always be in same plane.
D. Never tuck your head to chin this makes your freestyle less efficient.

Now its time for flutter kick (freestyle kick). Never kick too wide; wide in a sense your leg should not go wide both down or lateral. Maintain your rhythm, I have found 1-2-1-2 rhythm perfectly suits me, you can try other variation. Most important is that, you should have straight leg and pointed toes.
 Hand Motion
Hand motion has basically 5 steps: Reach, Catch, Pull, Push, and Recovery. You should always have high elbow catch and high elbow recovery. Your hand should exit fast,however enter softly without splash of water. Also,remember that if you move your hand fast you have to breath very quick. Thus, try to relax and make your hand motion slow. Always recover in front of shoulder.One main thing to remember is your recovering shoulder must be in higher plane than the non-recovering one.
This is very important in Freestyle swimming. You should rotate every stroke about the axis which divides your body symmetrically into two parts. This will help you to decrease you stroke count. But, never rotate your head in every stroke it makes you dizzy,only rotate your head along with your body during breathing.Please, don't over rotate.
Your head should lie on your shoulder, cheeks just on surface of water, and one eye just above the other perpendicular to the bottom of pool.Rotate your head along with your body and not independently. Think as if you are sleeping on your hand as a pillow. You should start to inhale as the recovering hand reaches your thigh line, and breathe between the triangle formed by your recovering hand and catching hand

 Practice different drills as per your weakness!
Fell confident and relaxed during swimming. Concentrate more on swimming , forget about tragic end of your affair or your lost money early morning while swimming. Swim with diligence and devotion!!

Please share your part of knowledge on freestyle!