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God of Logic

•Is man one of God's blunders, or is God one of man's blunders? ~
Friedrich Nietzsche

•If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him. ~Voltaire
You must be well acquainted with God of wisdom, God of love, God of creation, God of Life, God of death, God of Blah and God of Blue- name it- you have god for everything, in fact, I feel it's so easy to create a god, all you need to do is add one word after "God of" and bingo we have a new god. I find it so so funny that there is god for everything and anything that exists. I feel god is omnipotent, it's on every swearing and curse we use-God dammit,Holy Christ ,Hey bhagwan and the like.

God has been great topic to amuse from writers to thinkers to philosophers to movie makers to simply Dick like me and you.Now,you must be already imagining god sitting at heaven and smiling at you.So do I..Just hope God does not get bored of dreaming about me, whenever going to bed. Have you ever in your lifetime heard of God of Logic, sure you have not, let me explain.Here God of logic is figurative speech of mine it is not a god as you generally imagine- sitting on heaven sitting in white dress and smiling and looking at us all the time.

I should mention at first I am only trying to talk about overall concept of god in our world.I don't mean to offend opinion of any person or any sect or religion .When you are dealing with me free thinking,open mind and right to opinion are always respected, and always hoped.

To be more exact and precise I'm not trying to write about god and things like- its appearance, or how to please god ,or way to attain Nirvana (Spiritual enlightenment) or home address, facebook profile or phone number. I'm rather trying to see the pervasive(widespread) model of god and explore its dark and bright sides.I warn those people, whose thinking is always the last thing they read. Com'on cultivate some habit of thinking for yourself. Also, if you think that god created the universe,just like that with snap of finger, then you are Homo Sapiens not Neanderthal man, read some books,you need that.Or alternative way is just entertain yourself with YouTube and forget god of logic forever.

If you are believer of god , Agnostic, or Atheist that doesn't matter you can read this. OK if you didn't get what the hell above words meant see it's definition below:-
1.Theist:Someone who belives in existence of god
2.Atheist:Someone who doesn't believe in god
3.Agnostic:Someone who denies existence of god is provable

I have always been anti- blind belief, such as people inheriting the concept of god from their parents like free parental property,for instance, child of a Muslim is Muslim or child of christian is christian,child of Hindu is Hindu;how come child don't have right even to select their religion. And those who say they are agnostic are such a confused people, I even don't like to write about such people.They are like the teenager who chooses their outfit looking at the fashion and trend and peer's clothes.That's the worst attitude ever.You have brain to be utilizes not to rot, think about it sometime.Not now...now you have to read this..concentrate!!!

Similarly, there is another bunch of people calling themselves as atheist ,covering 2.3% of total population. When asked what is it's definition to those, all you get is zipped lip. Actually they term oneself as atheist just to feel cool just like teens smoking weeds to present themselves as cool and sociable and isolate themselves from crowd and feel extra. Some turn to atheist to please their friend/boss or get brainwashed by the scientific things that so called atheist tell them.Many a times answer is  because many great scientist, writer,philosophers,thinkers are atheist.Does that mean:  Richard Dawkins is atheist so all people should follow him-it too is blind faith. Ya, blind faith is everywhere.

I have never heard a term like neonate-atheist,meaning atheist since birth. I don't know what makes a person atheist-Can that be knowledge they procure or events in their life or brainwashing-certainly differs from person to person.However, true atheist do not believe in any illogical concept like Deity,God,Angles, Spirits,Ghosts,Devil and all shorts of similar things.They are smart enough to understand that if you are a good person on your own philosophy and thinking you don't need to follow any philosophy or concept in life.Atheism is more about being rational than disbelieving god, which is widely misunderstood by many people.Those people who can't respect other sense of god are never atheist, they are simply morons.

Atheist are often called heretic and that is the best part I like.It is the actual meaning of atheist.The word "heresy" comes from the Greek  (hairetikos) which translates as "able to choose" (haireisthai "to choose"). The term heresy is often perceived as a value judgment and the expression of a view from within an established belief system.The point is  atheism doesn't mean disbelieving other ideas and values; but to filter and choose the best ideas you can get from everyone.
And I am just as curious as other people if god exists.I am exploring god in my own way in science and technology, in art and in life itself. If by chance god exists, then he/she will sure like me for not believing on it.Will god look at millions of people  praying and worshipping it all the time or will person not giving a damn about god will catch interest of god.Sure- a good thing to ponder about.Ain't it?
And another thing god will like after me is  "Physics"-most logical and abstract subject in the whole world(No offence to other subject, all subject is equally important).Physics  is the most feared thing on earth after God itself.Funny thing is Physics is thus called Devil's Subject. Truth is people will just say everything that there mind won't catch as devil and evil, that's why physics got such a name(but I kind of like that name).All I am trying to say is that -the small concepts in Physics can better your life if you apply it properly.For instance, the concept that liquid flows from higher to lower level is such a simple concept,however, been applied as cornerstone of numerous invention.

But the concept of god can't be applied that directly to our life.You can't get a bread and butter just applying concept of god or get top marks praying to god.It is very abstract concept and real hard one to explain,understand and have same opinion on.Thus many times- a way of ruling people by some limited dictators Have you ever pondered why there is different god ?

Dissecting god
What is god then?I feel god is just a concept. God is the conceptual entity which prevents us from over joy and over sorrow. It's like a fuse in electric circuit which prevents the electric overflow by melting itself, so no over current flows in the circuit than required. First thing I would like to say is that God is just a concept,actually, there is no god. That sounds weired doesn't it.Let me explain more. Initially people used to worship nature-sun,water,tree and similar things.There philosophy of god was perfect and pristine.They were know as pagan(but now Paganism is misinterpreted as Devil worshipping,thanks to smear campaign of Catholic Church,Islamic prophets and Hindu Pundits).Their concept was real simple-sun gives people light and heat, water is used for drinking and irrigation and trees/plant gives us food.Later this concept of god was replaced by various sophisticated and ambiguous concepts.

God is just like ice cream flavor it depends upon taste of the person eating it.You can't say Vanilla flavour is not allowed in this area, which is the exact scenario in the extreme Muslim countries.I feel that definition and meaning of God for every individual should be the way the person wants and not the way some author of books like Bible,Geeta,Koran or Tripitaka like.

As time passed by, some people devised their own version of God along with its varying concept by some wise people in past so as to make unlearned people of that time more civilized , peaceful, rational, law abiding . But the greatest mistake these wise people made was that, they could not explain it exactly in their own terminology; because those people could not grasp the vast ideas and notion involved due to their lack of education and knowledge.So with the advance of time the core thing was misinterpreted by people and it kept on diverging from the actual reasoning to the pathetic sentimental god, prayers, worships,taboos,superstition and religion stuff.
Later this concept of god was amalgamated with philosophy by some people,like,Mohammad,Krishna,Buddha and Christ. These great people(not god) were best thinkers and philosophers of their time.They were just humans like us but with logical thinking and reasoning.

Their concept was again similar to people in the past united world and prosperous people in terms of health, wealth and spirituality. People smoke, drink,steal and do all the activities which is certainly bad and anyone can say that, then they pray to god for forgiveness.Actually, concept of god was introduces so people won't drink or smoke or steal, so that they live simple life with high thinking.

To be clear in the same way as there is no physical reality or proof for god, same holds true for other imaginary creatures like Devil,spirits and ghost.God is as an imaginary concept same as the imaginary number in mathematics the i, whose value is √-1.You can't feel that imaginary number or see it but you can sense it and apply it-exactly like god.If you ask any mathematician how does imaginary number look like in real world -that will just be an embarrassment to that mathematician. By this I was trying to make clear that not only real things but the imaginary concept is as significant as real ones in human life.
God is just a concept which was induced to make people rational- a psychological game,indeed. People easily understood the idea of god but failed to get the idea of rationality. Otherwise, how-come there is different god for every religion and nation. People made God a joke,simply a way to rule people,  a way for oppression. Its like the well know slogan "Divide and rule",more religion means more people can rule the common people and attain a luxurious life for themselves.

God is a concept – a very supreme concept.Asking what a god is like asking Second law of thermodynamics to different Physicist.Every Physicist will have different way to answer it, different statement, different analogy to explain it. And best part is everyone is right. Same applies in the case of God. There is no wrong or right, every concept of god is right.God is such a good concept that it can make you life or break and  mess your life. This is such a complex concept to understand and apply.Of course,God is not a fancy dress that you can purchase in special discount in a supermarket.

I find it funny that people go to temple, Church or Makka for worshiping god. Is it necessary to worship god? I don’t think so. If you feed a hungry child or give a bed to sleep for a old bump, then there is no need to pray 5 times a day or attending church once a week; go to temple etc etc. If god only favors the one who worship them, then that’s not anything worth to worship. Its looks more like a corrupt government official than god, if it is so-just give them some bundle of cash and your work is done.There is no such instrument like barometer to measure godhood. And how do you distinguish between god and human or even evil? Why is there more temples than Orphan center or library.These are the real matter to be pondered than existence of God.

All in all,what the concept of god wanted was to build a  peaceful world, and people with peaceful mind. God was not introduced for blind faith and flock of sheep like people spending their holiday at Church,makka or temple to wash away their sin and guilt.

All the books viz. Bible,Koran,Geeta,Tripitaka and books from some minority religion is just work of fiction written by people in order to guide people to perfect world.They didn't just drop from heaven or hell or whatever.All these books intended to uplift the life standard of people in terms of thinking and living.Of course, these books have gone to drastic changes and edition in the duration up to the turn of our high tech era.Thus,after several changes and amendment we have the "God" we find these days. However, the sad part is it is not well synchronized with the modern world, it is just same  ideologies which appear to be decrepit in nature.How is that possible humans(creation of god) are so highly technically sophisticated and god is same as it used to be in 12th century?

Wouldn’t it be better there was only one universal god for every religion,meaning, a single religion.How can the god has different face just after crossing one boundary of a nation. Maybe concept of different god was introduced due to geographical and linguistic differences,after all no god has said to murder,loot,rape,use drugs-every god seems to be pious in that sense.That's why the idea of "Universal god" must not have been feasible or was not sought.

If God actually exists then person like Rabbi or Pundit or Mullah are trying to prevent people to reach to God with their nonsense preaching. They don't want people to explore god by themselves and find their own meaning of god, maybe, afraid of being unemployed.Rabbi or Pundit or Mullah are all great preachers but not preaching the single thing practical in life- all the insights into fantasies and stories about past, nothing for present . They will never teach you how to get a college degree or how to get a job or some tricks to please your boss or wife. Those little practical stuff that can make give you instant happiness rather than something that will be your passport to good afterlife.Just like god,afterlife is also another concept to make human more human like,actually the human body transforms into waves and particles after they are cremated or buried.There is nothing such as afterlife.

It is unhealthy when god becomes political agenda.The organizations like AlQauida and Opus die are exploiting and misusing the concept of god to fulfill their interest is questionable.

So science versus god is a false dichotomy.Actually god is a science which even the greatest scientist have misinterpreted. Alcohol has been prohibited by each and every concept of god -Islam, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, but won't any God fearing person not have antibiotics which certainly contain alcohol,just to act pious. It is not that we should detest  alcohol; it is more like- if we get into alcohol and can't set the limit then we turn into drunkard. Science too says alcohol is bad -it destroys our lever ,lungs and central nervous system.And you must know that the bell people ring during various rituals helps to kill the microorganism with the vibration it's sound produces.Meditation in Buddhism is also a greatest tool to relieve oneself during stress, which is also not just a ritual but a scientific fact.And the Namaj used by Muslims is as scientific as above examples, it's must have been invented as a way to improve our physical fitness more than a way to please God.Namaj is one of the best way to have a proper blood circulation in your body and every person despite their faith and belief can try this at their home.Sure your God will not be offended, because every god is just art of creation, leading to a proper life.But the venture in to that art and becoming connoisseur of that form of art takes an ardor for that form of art.

Likewise, reading Geeta or Koran or Bible or any such book can enhance your concentration and sharpens our mind, which has been scientifically proven.Of course,prayers is one of the greatest invention in the history of mankind.Prayer has been a vital part of people since a long time.Prayer is a best way not meeting a psychiatrist.Prayer prevents you from Psychological instability and nervous breakdown.
 You see what I meant earlier by the wise people not being able to explain the logic of God as these logic were so complicated for people in that time to comprehend. Thus, people could not understand that.That's why those wise men  introduce the concept of god, which everyone could easily understand.So god is exactly same as saying E=mc² as theory of relativity, actually this is theory of relativity made easy for layman. For specialist theory of relativity would look different and complex which actually looks like:Ruv - (1/2) guv R = (8 Pi G/c4) Tuv and every letters, numbers and subscript have a long story to be told, which I won't do here.Using analogy god is just E=mc² and logic the actual terms the specialist would use for theory of relativity.Therefore,god is just another way to establish scientific facts and logic i.e God is logic. God is a way to make your daily routine regulated,not a remedy to every problem you face.
These days I 'm liking philosophy of Zen, which I first knew form the book The Tao of Physics subtitled An Exploration of the Parallels Between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism by Dr. Fritjof Capra (Austrian-born American physicist, systems theorist, and author of five international bestsellers,and moreover worked)- it looks like paradox-particle physicist writing on god,doesn't it? Capra did his research on particle physics and system theory and lastly concluded there is some divine intervention on human life.And probability of him being correct or incorrect is same. 
To talk about Zen,there are many things in Zen philosophy, but which stroked me the most is bringing perfection in day to day life, no prayers,no worship,no god no idols and no false belief and wrong logic and reasoning.

When asked to define Zen philosophy one philosopher said -"When hungry, eat, when tired, sleep." Although this sounds simple and obvious, like so much in Zen, it is in fact quite a difficult task. To regain the naturalness of our original nature requires long training and constitutes a great spiritual achievement.To copy exactly from The Tao of Physics :"The perfection of Zen is thus to live one's everyday life naturally and spontaneously."
(This doesn't mean I am Zen ,I am OK with all kind of philosophy
whether it be Hindu,Christian,Muslim,Buddhist or any philosophy.Why leave any good thing in the name of religion.)
Need of God
You believe in god , at least for me, that is no problem.Believing on god won't make you unscientific or conservative. God is always good as long as  it  helps to shorten your worry list. After all, if something gives mental advantage and makes you strong then that thing is not just OK it's more than OK. The thing which can earn you good night sleep or prevent you from suicide, is worth a try.
However, if you can protect your sanity without aid of God or any philosophy, it's better and you are a true thinking mind. The concept of God is such a good thing if utilized properly, but people are just fearing god-like tiger  roaming on our city freed from cage,instead of  exploring the real meaning of god.People are not truly into god but fear the God's stick,afterlife and similar irrational things. People are making God look like some kind of disease to be feared-epidemic- getting our hair raised just thinking or hearing about it.Don't let God be a disease.Think logical and live rational.One thing that I hate must is God-phobia.I believe in a god and that god is God of Logic.

Moral of the story is :Define your own god.

Lastly,if by any chance anybody has added God on Facebook Please suggest me too.
God related quotes and poems:-

•God: The most popular scapegoat for our sins. ~Mark Twain.

•I don't know if God exists, but it would be better for His reputation if He didn't. ~Jules Renard

•God's la No matter how much I prove and prod,
I cannot quite believe in God;
But oh, I hope to God that He
Unswervingly believes in me.
~E.Y. Harburg



ropcorn said...

Interesting to read how you think about God.

I believe that God is, like you said "a concept". A name for something which exist all around us, and inside us but we cannot explain. Like our inner voice or gut feeling for instance. That God gives us someone/something to turn to when we cannot find explanations or guidance on our own. That God is an invisible lifeline to reach out to when we feel like we are powerless and small.

I also believe that we need faith and hope in our lives. If that means praying to a God - so be it.

I personally believe that there is much more to our lives, planet, and Universe than what we know or see. And I do pray, but not to a specific God. I simply pray because it helps me and makes me feel better. And if believing in a God, or the concept of God, makes mine or anyone elses life richer, then I'm all for it!

Take care :-)

Sandeep Tripathi said...

I am 100% Atheist,albeit, I like the concept of god and its usefulness-good psychological advantage.

Thanks Holy F. God there is god,devil,witch,spirits,angles and similar concepts-otherwise there would be no joy listing to Heavy metal songs,heavy metal would have lyrics like ♫Twinkle twinkle little star♫ sang in harsh sound and fast music..Oh Lord I can't imagine such a pathetic day.

Moreover,if there was no concept of god,I would have less topic to write on my blog..

Moved the song at top :)

Anonymous said...

Good work broda.....i like ur comparision of god wid icecream n electronic circuit......Frankly speakin em a oppurtunist atheist.....denyin existence sometimes n remebrin when em at trouble.........hahahahah

Sand said...

Thanks for the comment Bhuwan Dai..
"Oppurtunist atheist" is perfect :)

Anonymous said...

no in fact am not well acquaited with all of thses gods i know one and only god ..its god of perfection ..:)how about that ..??
i juat wanna say that all of our senses if controlled by the concept of thresholds like we cannot see what is under redlight or over violet ..the point is the fact of god is too great to be pounded by thinking..because however human mind reachs of intellegence and mental power its not more than a sense that connect us to our limited world ..as for me i shall suggest the INSTINCT which i believe is a blend of passion and mind ..like the famous quoto of enstien "a person starts to live when he live out side him self "..

Anonymous said...

"i have always been anti- blind belief, such as people inheriting the concept of god from their parents like free parental property,for instance, child of a Muslim is Muslim or child of christian is christian"
okay now what ??do u blame religion and god coz ppl are too stupid to even think about what they are supposed to believe in ???just because peaple are lazy in mind doesnt mean its religion's fault for ex:i was born as a hindue i grow up i explored hindue and other religions now i believe i am christian and i like that..simple ha??being a believer is so way different from following a certain religion u can find a 100 muslims in nepal but how many are real believers ??maybe 2 or 3..sad sad fact..when peaple misunderstand and spoil the meaning of god and religion its for sure not the fault of the idea of god ..:)

Anonymous said...

"if you are a good person on your own philosophy and thinking you don't need to follow any philosophy or concept in life"
does that mean that the role of religion and the idea of god is to modefy human's behaviour??i shall disagree coz that repeals the role of morals and conscious and also the good instinct we were born with and for sure the source of morals is not religion or fearing good indeed..:)

Anonymous said...

"Will god look at millions of people praying and worshipping it all the time or will person not giving a damn about god will catch interest of god.Sure- a good thing to ponder about.Ain't it?"there is a great deffrence btween praying and believing but we also cant deney that some peaple pray out of believing but they form like 10%anyway the point is lots of religious legislations have been misunderstood by peaple thats why in some religions peaple give praying a larger position than required and smaller position for contemplation and reflection which are hoped and mostly required by both god and religion
sadly peaple misunderstand and spoil
but we shall not judge god nd religions for that..:)

Anonymous said...

"Have you ever pondered why there is different god ?"
anybody with a working brain should do so..thats why am commenting here :P
the plurality of religious messages doesnt mean its contrary to each other the 3 of them were meant to be this way as far as i believe they were all for one god but peaple derails facts not fault god..in fact i believe plurality is just like a doctor gives medicine to a patient wouldnt he take into account the age of the patient and his condition??
and peaple's stupidity is part of life peaple misunderstand and have conflects and fight BECAUSE ITS LIFE thats what life's about..
god had created human's in pain and suffering which is widely called life ??? :P

Anonymous said...

."Actually, concept of god was introduces so people won't drink or smoke or steal, so that they live simple life with high thinking."

"God is just a concept which was induced to make people rational- a psychological game,indeed."
so where are morals ???and where did the instinct hide ???and what about morals ??these are elements that controls not only god
here u are an atheist ..does that mean u drink and steal and so on ??the point of believing is exploring ..understanding and reaching the highest cognition of all the surroundings and to know the near causes of all that happens around us
believing is being sure of that highest power above all this unseen power that makes every thing work according to a plan ..
in that part i shall suggest u a book called"dawn of conscious " by james h.prestead it will help u understand about the relation ship btween concsious .. morals and instinct and finnaly deity ..:)

Anonymous said...

"God fearing person not have antibiotics which certainly contain alcohol,just to act pious" hey guess what ..??god knows the intention that is related to our actions ..really that part making me laugh:D..how could u possiply underestimate god ??criticize ..yes ..but underestimate nopy nopy no mom will get angry ..lol:P
u know a god loving person (i dont like the word fear with god coz we humans never fear what we cant see but we love it besides"love is a better teacher than duty ")would have a glass of wine indeed if he can control himself and also dont spend his money buying it ..
god is greater that a banned and alowed list ..for humanity's sake man

Anonymous said...

finally let me attemp to assume there is no god ...okay its just a concept now ..will u please answer this:
what is that human being ??are we those materialistic creatures that end by our end which is death??look in yourself are u so ???does that make anysense??and how did we exist on earth and why ..??and if there is scientific causes which explai our first existence..faith doesnt contrary to them ..faith is about the highest force of all the known and the unknown universes the FIRST CAUSE as socrates disscussed and proved thousands of years ago..

Anonymous said...

got 2 things left to say .:
1-sorry for too much comments .
2-i know one thing about life "i actually know no thing at all"..???
eman wally
enjoy my comments..lol

Sandy said...

First of all thanks for typing that long and wasting your precious time for this nonsense:P But to be true,I was hoping this from long time ago :)

And they are really wonderful.And I always write so I can learn from what are others view point.To be exact it is like bait for making everyone think about the subject and help me eradicate my ignorance..And yes very few have helped me to eradicate my ignorance till now :)

Sandy said...

God of perfection sounds cool and I remember one quote "Strive for excellence and you will achieve perfection"

Yes,indeed even if god exists we will never be able to simplify it as a formula or a material object..Here I would say it is analogous to the path traced by particles in an accelerator: you know it's there;you see its effect but you never can catch it,hold it,beat it or study it and generalize it so everyone can understand it .

Sandy said...

"i shall suggest u a book called"dawn of conscious " by james h.prestead it will help u understand about the relation ship btween concsious .. morals and instinct and finnaly deity"

►I will for sure read that one :)

Sandy said...

hey guess what ..??god knows the intention that is related to our actions ..really that part making me laugh:D..how could u possiply underestimate god ??criticize ..yes ..but underestimate nopy nopy no mom will get angry ..lol:P
u know a god loving person (i dont like the word fear with god coz we humans never fear what we cant see but we love it besides"love is a better teacher than duty ")would have a glass of wine indeed if he can control himself and also dont spend his money buying it ..
god is greater that a banned and alowed list ..for humanity's sake man
►But many a times I have seen people fearing god, and there is one word for it Superstition...Love is really better teacher than duty, but people are treating god like a duty-a mundane routine to be followed and rather say swallowed without a 100% desire

Sandy said...

how did we exist on earth and why ..??and if there is scientific causes which explai our first existence..faith doesnt contrary to them ..faith is about the highest force of all the known and the unknown universes the FIRST CAUSE as socrates disscussed and proved thousands of years ago..

►"Big Bang theory or Big Bang model" is a severe blow to FIRST CAUSE and I don't think Socrates gave any mathematical proof so that it can be accepted as a universal fact..
There is one scientific research going at CERN at Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, for this purpose..It has been going for around 20 years but success has not kissed the scientists over there..maybe they are lacking my expertise lol The scientist there are trying to create "The Higgs boson" - an elementary particle (like building block of universe,if u keep on adding it u will get electrons and atoms and molecules and so on)..There is one funny thing in it..God loving scientist often refer this elementary particle as "The God particle"...Do u remember the movie "Angles and Demons"-Starring Tom Hanks :)There it is shown that "God particle" was created and illuminate stealing it,it is just fiction.... in reality The God particle is yet to materialize

And lastly I would love to say that I am not just an Atheist, but a explorer and the sad thing is I can't write EXPLORER in the places where it is written RELIGION so I should write sth, don't I? :)

Anonymous said...

"But many a times I have seen people fearing god, and there is one word for it Superstition"the relationship with god starts with knowing that god is unrecognizable that doesnt mean that god is something against human's mind ..its just above it ..then after that (for me)u get a blend of feelings like love ..fear ..greatness ..respect and then love once again and much much more feelings ..:)
which i evantually call BELIEVE ..:p so we cant limit that relation with the word love or fear only ..:)

Anonymous said...

"Socrates gave any mathematical proof so that it can be accepted as a universal fact.."
socrates was discussing the issue by the frank mental debate so in fact he needed no mathematical proof for that he needed a mental proof and he got it eventually ..:)
"Socrates gave any mathematical proof".. "we will never be able to simplify it as a formula or a material object"..i feel contradiction in your words..:P

an issue like god cant be disscussed like a math theory ..:)
to be honest i havnt read about that theory "big bang" but if it was scientific not philosphical theory then it must be about near causes and so it cant help solving the god issue ..but i ll sure read about that ...and comment hear again and agina and again till i knock u off ..:P
i dont need to sign my name u know who i am..:D

Sandy said...

"we will never be able to simplify it as a formula or a material object"..i feel contradiction in your words..:P
►I already said :I am exploring God.
Here I have assumption that there is no God at all.I'm just trying to say God can be there but how do I know??? Maybe it is like love to be felt but I don't feel God..(Bad me)..
I am just trying to treat God like mathematical theory.(a materialistic style) which is easy to see and easy to believe that way----a perfect way for stupid like me :)

During the proof a true thing can be assumed as false and after each step of your proof you be more certain if it is true or false.. When you will reach the end of proof truth will reveal itself; and after that your assumption doesn't matter at all.

All you see is truth in front of your pretty eyes which none can ignore..Not even a moron like me.:)

Of course, for humans the proof is not bunch of complicated mathematical equation ..Its just our "LIFE" which is the proof for the existence of god...Just keep on Living the life(Better that be in a good way) and you will start feeling God-The almighty god

And there is two way to believe in one thing(Say god) :-
1. Believe it with whole heart.
2.Don't believe it with whole heart

God would have said these two points as "Love me or hate me but you can never forget me".

God is so damn complicated that even those who say they are Atheist they can't forget him/her..That's the real charm of God :)They need god at least to abuse it..So it means God is as significant to Atheist as to Theist..

Still I say god is concept nothing more- to be pondered to be wondered ..But you can interpret the concept or misinterpret it.It's upto us.

►Yes read "Bing Bang Theory".It's cool I recommend 100% If you don't like it 20 days money back guarantee from me :P:P:P
But this theory says nothing about god.It is more about universe evolved...Doesn't that imply Mr. God has no "DIVINE INTERVENTION" i.e nature created the universe not God.

►Ya keep on commenting but Let me be true...You don't know my boxing skills u will loose in first round It will be an embarrassing Knock out-- Be ready for that:P:P:P:P

You don't need to sign name I can know you just like that--One little secret --I have magical skills.It's between us don't tell nobody :D:D:D

Anonymous said...

just one thing to be said...your mentality is so about the NEAR CAUSE....will read and disscuss again and again
and to let u know ..YOU DONT KNOW ABOUT THE GREAT RELATION THAT I HAVE WITH PHILOSPHY SO u would better watch out :P:P

Anonymous said...

"socrates was discussing the issue by the frank mental debate so in fact he needed no mathematical proof for that he needed a mental proof and he got it eventually"
►So was Socrates discussing about non-existence of God too,in his frank mental debate :coz every debate has two sides.

NATURE LOVE SYMMETRY and for a perfect symmetry and balance there must be the bad side of God too i.e Devil .....So what is your say on Mr Devil ..I say neither Mr God nor Devil Exists,both are fictional characters in some facny stories like Geeta,Kuran,Bible,Tripitak and so on ........

Anonymous said...

"believers say that god exists and their prove is The law of causality,which means that everything that exist in the universe needs a reason for its existence but if everything needs a cause then so would god !and if everything didn't need a cause then neither did the universe!!but how come you assume that god is the creator of the universe and then ask who created the creator ..if you ask this then you are supposing that god is a creator and a creation which can never be !!its exactly like robots which work by motors if we try to convince those robots that a human being (their creators) can move without motor ..can move by himself ..they would never be convinced because they everything in their world move by motors.
and so you wouldn't be able to imagine that god exists by itself just because you see all the surroundings needs a cause for its existence.
as per Aristotle.. he mentioned the serious of causes ..for example: a chair is made of wood ,wood comes from tree, tree comes from seeds and seeds comes from the farmer and so on this continuous serious of causes should lead us to a the first existence or to a cause that doesn't need a cause "THE FIRST CAUSE " a creator that doesn't need a creator ...(GOD)
signature : A PHILOSOPHY LOVER lol :P:P

Sandy said...

I think Darwin made it all clear and Aristotle and his ideas were dethroned for being too philosophical than logical. Of course "Cause" is nothing but transformation to fit the nature aka evolution.......If it is to say that Human are supreme than robots so there must be something supreme than humans then it's nature THE SPONTANEITY ...There is of course the logical evolution process coined and proved by biologists ........What happened is as universe was and is constantly changing it's structure and composition. As such creatures including humans have to change in order to adapt to it...How genes evolved in timeline to create Humans .......And if anyone says God is there then there must be God's God as per the FIRST CAUSE THINGY.

Anonymous said...

about Darwin's theory ..i read some essay that criticized his theory scientifically..the critic said there is sth called a chromosomes mapping was discovered and it somehow contrary to the evolution process (i ll make u read that one day and don't ask me how 3:))well i dont know much about that theory but i believe in god and i know that god didn't create humans just like that like with his magic wand of course there are theorys to explain that ..but none of those theorys revealed the ultimate truth!! ...
as per the fisrt cause thingy :)>>how come u say GOD'S GOD ??do u think the creator of causality law subject to same law he created??how come ??you cant apply those laws that controls our finite world on god! god is greater than our time ,place and our silly laws that controls the finite world we live in :))))

Sandy said...

Darwin Theory is not exact,but neo darwin theories are being criticized by some great biologist like Richard Dawkins....It's simple if there is God There must be something that created it MOTHER NATURE !!!!!! But god ain't there, I have always been saying this is just concept to make your mind feel good by thinking some magical god is doing something to take us out of bad situations :)