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Hinduism: A fake story

Hinduism is Harry Potter story gone wild.

To me Hinduism is more like a mind of a person on LSD-bizarre, fuzzy and false.Hinduism is mostly based on few books (scripture) which I suppose was a work of traveler confined between Indian Subcontinents. Since in the Hindu myths, people have not ever mentioned any continents except the Indian Subcontinent  which does give a simple verification to my doubt.

The works of writer being limited within the description of places within Indian Subcontinent. It is funny that Hindu regards the stumbling into places similar
to as described by the authors of books as proof of existence on Hindu myths/god. This would be like anyone finding Eiffel tower in Paris which all have read in different travel books or seen on T.V. It is obvious that the writer of these books were using the places they visited as prop to set the story-just like Hemingway writing about the war which he was involved in.

Hindu feel that Hindu god (merely characters of books) created the whole world. Some have the dancing Shiva theory and other have the dreaming Vishnu theory of creation of world. And all these theories are mere work of fiction by some smart and imaginative author which was way too imaginative for the people of the era and time, they thought it was real.

The reason the books like Vedas, Ramayan, Mahabharat and Geeta have same characters is due to the fact the only things taught in school (Gurukul) were these fictional stories. That is why the story and the character in different books of Hindu scripture coincide. This I say is due to never having any visiting professor or any student exchange and even not upgrading the curriculum. The Hindu writers got just stuck to the idea of god, goddesses and demons and due to lack of sophisticated transportation mechanism propagated their nonsense to next generations.

In Hinduism there are three prime characters: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. And there are stories of manifestation of these three into different forms to give life teaching to people to make their life better. I feel the reason why these characters are always called manifestation of these is that the professors (Guru) who approved their writings did not wanted the students to be creative and have their own idea of God and religion-the one and only thing a bounded curriculum does.

Like every religion Hinduism tries to portray it's meaning through Hero-Vs-Villain structured stories. However, the so called Hero characters have flaws which either the readers need to neglect or call it a flaw in the story writing of the Hindu Scripture authors.

Hinduism is based on fictional stories of bizarre people some with 3 heads and some with million hands, which is good to be heard as a child but if given a good thought into it – Did that really happened or someone had his/ her imagination at the best ? Hinduism has just served the purpose for rulers to keep people under their command since its starting. And in modern day Hinduism based business schemes in name of Sadhu and Santa have soared and propagated even outside the Indian Subcontinents-its easy to fool people with imagination,must be.

 Hinduism is merely a business empire.


Anonymous said...

Mr.Lawyer, common there are lot many things to say; are you in hurry? I enjoyed the claim.- Peacemaker Agnee, Sri lanka

Anonymous said...

I am kind of in hurry exams coming..Sure way lot things I do not buy of Hinduism despite subscribing it for quite a long period..Thanks for reading~Sandy