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Painting The Paint Dedicated To Air

He stole this piece,from head so dark
Contracted his pupil so hard
Stone is god- when thrown upon foe
Sentiments- valueless pure joke
Embarrassment- Suntan in a can
One smile hidden inside
Laughter resonating world; not seen
Believing - lawn mower painted in green
His dream his wishes
Rub it , Cut it,Tear it to pieces
Act of acting he wish to perform
Oh ya he can put some perfume
Never cares,Never fears
Talking to him none dare
Friend one hell of a misnomer,purple heart
Mathematician of loss and gain,a forced dearth
You can't feel it's his pain
Unspoken things so sweet
Reality makes him sick
A song with missing note
He is simply one pseudonymous quote
All have choice,he has no option
No feelings to auction
When god died, he knows devil cried
For free treats,chicks and food deep fried
Words from his heart like a temple bell
Disturbs your 14 hour sleep,not his grail
Put some cotton on your ear,that's the trick
Give some dirty words call him a freak
His mind people's free playground
Anyone can discard or choose
Ya spit and rub your muddy shoes
Stupid charmless guy
Wasted ball namely bye
He is a glove use and throw
Chewed talks surface his head
He is his king; own maid
People so hard to satisfy
When he flattered he simply lied
Civilized party and his multicolor dress
With him time always plays game of race
Judge him you are the judge
Treat him like a smudge
He has no mind to care
His face and your black paint to smear
The masked truth painted bright orange
Yet unseen or neglected like drainage
One common about people and him
Both never miss each other
He whistles;he sings
Everyone is people for him
All he does -Painting a Paint Dedicated to air
Always rough,never cares for fair
What he says is always ghastly
Cause canvas is pretty much costly.


Anonymous said...

am so speachless....
u leave speachless always...:)

Anonymous said...

Sure I do and always will