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I think I shall write

Although Rubbish I Shall Write
Ideas neither sunny nor bright
Nor the joy or the fright
I think although rubbish
I shall write
Write something which I never thought
Just words from dictionary all lined up
Ideas stolen from my mundane life
Write a mourning song just in jest
Wow!! what a peculiar taste.
Write about things I never care
Things I never fear; never endear
Dark themes which I write best
I may write till I rest
Write stuff I never read
Which was on my mind never feed
Where my psyched imagination leads
I write so as to get nowhere
On neurological layers
I write anything just to waste time
Song with no rhythm or rhyme
When I write I am down and I am fine
I write so as to hush my mind
I write some unfunny jokes
I write to feel neglected
Feel rejected
To throw voice over society
To say Fuck You Almighty
I just use simple-intricate words
I will write until the day I can afford
Write about silence during a sigh
All my fantasies and all my lies
Write about things I felt bad
Things which I lost cause never had
I write about dance without move
My superb strategies never to be looked
Won't I ever care for eyeball ratio
Write on unknowns  like Martin or Antonio
I can't write a masterpiece
But let me give it a try at least
I don't like writing about beauty
And what's wrong with the beast
I can write about misery; about pain
Desert like heart with not iota of rain
Why write about Scary God and Ghost
I never write so as to boast
I can write about different ways to cry
Lots of ways to go blank and feel shy
List of things I will never buy
I like writing without any name
Not for game and not for fame
I write to get mind out of gutter
And let the brain just flutter
My brain doesn't seem to rest
Dig the past from first to last
It's sad, it's mad without any blast
Should I write a death song?
Or just start where I was last hung
Just play in mind some happy tune
Though feel in darn ruin
Write and write and write
Should I write the thoughts I hide
Which in my mind I alone ride
Try, try try until I dry

Can't waste on writing, need to hurry
So much thoughts and emotions to bury
To write about love, don't know, much.
Will write about hatred as such
 I make up and write a silly quote
Or write an spontaneous  goodbye note
Feel like killing this darn need to write
Just give up writing and feel alright
And again, I think although rubbish
I shall write


Anonymous said...

liked by mr/watson ...:D

Anonymous said...

Thank you dearest by Sherlock Holmes :D

Anonymous said...

Write the Wrath!
Write the path!
you never followed,
you were never allowed!