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Annoying people for fun

    If you are bored of life and you need something for change,try annoying people-it costs nothing and gives 100% satisfaction. 10 days money back guarantee.Let's jump into the topic.  *Condition Apply*
1.Learn some nursery rhyme and sing it endlessly
  2.Speak only  in robot voice.
   3.Call to random people and lecture on how not to misuse phone.
4. Stare at someone continuously and when approached don't look at all.
5. Calculate something with finger in air and laugh to yourself
6. When talking to anyone see above their head.
7. Set alarm clock to go off every 5 minutes.
8. Amuse with the automatic doors,lifts and escalators.
9. Leave tips in some old out dated currency.
10. Name your dog simply –Dog.
11. When walking, move your hands to hit other people.
12. Whenever you see anyone trying to concentrate, just look at sky and mumble.
13. Spell everything incorrectly in Facebook chat.
14. Produce sound of cars and bikes while walking.
15. Sit at the last bench in school and call teacher for asking question, whenever teacher comes, act as if you understood, repeat the process again and again.
16. Go to complete stranger and tell him about how both of you were a good friends for a long time.
17. When someone gives an announcement, act as mad and start screaming –There are voices in my head.
18. In public vehicle act as if you want to sneeze every 1 min.
19. Constantly follow a stranger and give flying kisses and wink.
32. When there are people behind you, walk REALLY SLOW, especially in narrow aisles and streets.
21. Go to unknown girl and say why did you do this to me again and again
22. Whenever teacher ask you any question answer in fake accent.
23. Call a friend late at night, waking them up. Tell this person you need to talk and tell you forgot, try this few more times.
14. Enter the class at middle of the lecture and walk like you are hurt in your leg also scream in pain if you can.
25. Go to fast food place and order food super duper slow and frequently change your mind.
26. In a public vehicle stare at a girl and act as if you want to talk, but don't look when tried to talk.
22. Talk loudly in your cell phone in public place and laugh in a very peculiar manner
58. Scare the kids in road and act innocent when their parents look at you.
29. Pinch yourself and people at your side and tell them this is dream--- this is dream.
2. Reply everything other says with "You are genius, you know everything"
27. Stand in front of a vehicle and start to search something as if it is lost.
48. Change the TV channel whenever the other person gets interested in what is on TV
26. Borrow someone's pen and chew it and return along with saliva.
30.  Say liar to teacher whenever he finishes every sentence.
31. Say rules of Football in a Boxing match  and ask the person sitting next if it is correct.
32 Type with UPeeraNdlOwERcaSE without space.
31. Stand in front of computer when someone is accessing their email and never takes your eyes away from the screen.
4. Act as if you are dizzy in a public place and start dancing when someone comes for help.
20. List your things with incorrect numbering.

N.B. Perform these stunts at your own risk :D


Anonymous said...

nice ....did lots of them b4 lol

Anonymous said...

I am expert :P

Berry Hardisakha said...

nice.. silahkan ambil award setelah follow and like :)

Sandy said...

Thanks you ..Rock on :)