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Weird Voyage

Le fantôme : Say Hi to my new guitar 3:-)
Nights with shiny sun
Crippled at marathon run
Silent hooters
Well mannered looters
Sharp edge of a circle
Rain so dry
Floor so high
Day with stars
Prison without bars
Cacophony so melodious
Rest so tedious
Thoughts inside the box
Story without crux
Calm as cyclone

Party alone
Drugs for plane
Short necked crane
Rubbing a beggar
Hugging a death
Flute without any holes
Actor never with roles
Clear murmur
A pleasing torture
Humble,caring slayer
Isn't that me
Traveling in my neurological layer.


Anonymous said...

isnt that me ..traveling in my neurological layer :)

Sandy said...

It's me :D Or maybe versions :P