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Atheist: The New Sheep in Town

Like tooth fairies, birth fairies and death fairies new fairies are being created nowadays.  I feel there is new brand of religion in town- Atheism. It is sad about how Atheism has degraded from a thoughtful philosophy to religion with its own fixed laws and rules instead of being the most logical and thoughtful group of people. Atheists have become just another bunch of sheep and nothing more.

The problem that is going on with this concept is: stagnation. It is devising people to revere just like Krishna, Tao Te Ching, Buddha and calling them messengers; few examples should include Richard Dawnkins, George Carlin, Sam Harris and so forth. Atheism is gathering lots of arrogant narrow minded people who have no respect for others thoughts and reasoning. Above all atheism is gathering shepherds which are totally incorrect because only sheep need shepherds not humans. Atheism was supposed to be a branch of questioning of curiosity but no more.

I would like to quote Friedrich Nietzsche "Faith is not wanting to know truth" Same thing is happening to this bunch of guys who call themselves Atheist they don't want to discuss or know the truth…I hate one sided talks however intelligent it may be.  I feel if Atheism is to establish itself as religion and not of thought process; anarchy is inevitable.

 My personal feeling is whenever the concepts and thoughts about anything get established it lacks the spontaneity to think for right and wrong. That is what happening with Atheism. And if any person is thinking and thinking hard he/she would not want Atheism to be the last stop of their journey; maybe  gas stop but surely not last stop.

Atheism has shifted its focus from science and logical reasoning to humiliate people who are hanging on to old notion of religion and god. Atheism has turned into a bad politics and religious belief from a supreme philosophy integrated to science and logic. Atheism should not be excuse for getting drunk or doing drugs. Sanity is much more important than any type of philosophy.

Atheism has merely been a tool for kids to act cool or a reason to get drunk; but where the hell is scientific reasoning which Atheism was supposed to be fundamentally made up of. Drinking is harmful: Science. But people have taken Atheism so lightly and as merely another religion is lost its essence very long ago. Atheism has turned out to be just like hip hop and rap in music: brand new and crappy.

I hate how there is some stories just like in religious books in Atheism now. People to look at …Some great guy is Atheist so maybe if we follow that we could be great….But simply that is wrong Atheism has too many of unthinking drunken kids its pillars are sure to crumble soon.…That great guy was great for having thoughts and his/her limit of thinking was just up to conjuring Atheism… But for minds way ahead of their time and logical reasoning the thought of train should not stop. And this train won't stop!!!
~Truth is above mob~


Anonymous said...

i like truth above mob part :P
as we are humans we are supposed to be different in thoughts and believes but there is no such thought that could justify deeds which we refuse by our instinct :)
i believe instinct is the only thing that could unite us :D
and above all i think that all we can do is just some efforts to know truth and these efforts to is affected by circumstances and so many other factors which makes it nearly impossible to reach ultimate truth !!
that is we shall never stop thinking but more important than that is respect other believes and open ur mind for a different view always as it may boost our way thinking which is leading us to wisdom :D
hey what about that :- maybe wisdom is the real truth here who knows :)) :D

Anonymous said...

I have found being respectful to even the slightest of notion of smallest of person is more important than being open minded or wisdom as u have said it :)...And also people confuse anarchy and vulgarity to open mindedness which is false...And it is better to have false belief than to have belief as same as crowd has because the thoughts which are spread like wildfire by crowds are always not the ultimate truth-its just a one sided talk getting into head of mass.....Yes we should search for truth and nothing less or anything for its substitute...Mob has always robbed people from thinking as oneself and it will always keep on doing it..Mob can be hug and yet completely wrong :) -Sandy

Anonymous said...

just give some thought to whatever you believe in whether its same as crowd or not,thinking is the issue here not the crowd :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. My name is Faith (less). And I'll then be Faith (no more) when I die. Nietzche once said "FAITH is not wanting to know truth," therefore being faithLESS is to me more real than being just faith.
I dont have a Faith, although I waste many hours contemplating what happens after death. I guess I believe in DEATH (of a Human Being)- during & after... b/c nobody REALLY knows.
Being Aquarious, I am considered a "wonder woman" where i am constantly wondering "Why" about the most perplexing moment in one's Life - DEATH

...discussions of the topic are welcome.