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Software review:Jdownloader

Jdownloader is a free download manager developed by AppWork located in Germany. This is a handy tool to download things in bulk, which means downloading various RAR files  at once (usually movies) or to download a whole channel in one shot in YouTube.If I was given chance to name this piece of software I would call it Bulk down loader.It works in various operating system.

You can always stop the download and resume at your convenience.And don't forget you can disable the less urgent links to be downloaded later than your first priority (Queuing is the word).It also has link grabber which automatically grabs the link for you.

  You can choose the video file format and quality/resolution to suit your connection and requirement. . Furthermore,I liked we can watch the completed portion of download for video files(So I can watch it while rest part is downloading) ^_^
 I would rate this software on personal experience and use as 4.5/5 less marks for having no facility to download torrents :/
Here is a simple procedure to use this piece of software, but there are so many advanced thigng you can do with it  just mock  with it   http://www.scribd.com/doc/94010026/Jdownloader

You can also use the extension for various browser like Chrome, IE  and Mozilla.
This software will soon have its own knowledge base which is underdevelopment.

Cons : Not 100% stable
           Long start up time


Shirish Gautam said...

I would still prefer FDM (Free Download Manager)

Sandy said...

FDM don't allow you to watch the downloaded part of video and it don't accelerate download as this one does ..I used FDM before and then always wanted an alternate ..Still need an alternate for this one which can also download torrent and not be so huge to slow me down