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QR code: Crazy square black patches

I first saw a QR in a TV show and later in a Sprite bottle and became curious. So I find out what is this black crazy square patches and try to tell you people little bit about it.
If you know what a bar code is; you can easily relate to QR code (Quick request code), they are just new generation of bar code. The older UPC bar code (those vertical lines at back of your book or other stuff) is one dimensional while QR code is two dimensional. QR code can store more and is easy to read as compared to their older counterparts (Bar code). The cool thing about QR code is you don’t need those bulky hand held scanner that you see in supermarkets or even a library, you can just use your god damn cell phone (needs scanner and application though).

 I would have named it Square code but as it was invented in Japan by guys in Toyota  to code the components of automotive during manufacturing, so they named it Quick response code(QR). With its use outside automotive industry QR code has been a great tracking technology for stuff you want and also a way to advertise and gain information on products on few clicks of your mobile phone.
 Application to scan QR code can be found for all smart phones devices, just search in internet for your phone. Isn't it cool you just scan the QR in your phone and you know the detailed history of any product or just the detailed information of a person from a QR in his contact card? QR is a efficient way to transfer information to the required person without the involvement of any middle man. QR will soon be a new age advertisement phenomenon and information outflow device. All you have to do is Scan it and explore it. QR can also be used in URL or any personal or official website.
QR code can be used in emails to tell the customer about the specifications and pricing of any product. QR can be looked as an Eco friendly advertisement tool, no paper no hording boards no nothing.
If you are drinking a coke it may have a QR in it –check it out. And also check out the fancy QR I have for my blog somewhere in here....Actually at the top of the blog = ) If you don't see it consult the opthalmologist!

Now you must be curious to how not only read the QR but to have your personal one. You can use igoogle like that way you can have a customized QR for yourself or you can use this linkhttp://goo.gl/daXzl

Prevent yourself from scanning everything in sight :P


Anonymous said...

I was here Sandeep.I new nothing on this; puzzled but didn't know what should i type in the google.Thanks for information.Fan of the blog-Dipesh:)

Sandy said...

Thank you Dipesh. Nice to know at least few read this blog:)